Old house, Old Town, new salon

A Sherwood native refurbishes an Old Town house to create Omni Salon and Day Spa
by: Anthony Roberts, Diane Brown at the new Omni Salon & Day Spa.

For the past decade, Diane Brown has been dreaming of opening her own salon.

The longtime Sherwood resident came close to purchasing one in Lake Oswego, where she's worked as a hair stylists for 21 years, but things fell through. She looked at some other locations that didn't work out, and wasn't sure if she could find the right fit. Then she turned to her home town.

Brown said a friend called her about the little yellow house on First Street in Sherwood. While it needed work inside, it had the right zoning, and the right location, and in early November, it will officially open as Omni Salon.

The 1930s-era house is located just south of the traffic circle, near the corner of First and Oak. While the house took some time to transform. While she kept all of the walls, Brown said the interior was largely gutted, and new partitions were put in place, along with new floors, paints, and other touches.

'It's just got lots of character to it,' she said. 'and with everything they're doing to improve Old Town, I just feel like it's the right spot.'

Brown started working on the project in February, getting different approvals with the city while waiting for the renters to vacate. She started work on September 15, and since then has been spending every weekend working on the building. After having so many close experiences opening her own salon before, she said her two children have told her, 'I'll believe it when I see it.'

Brown said she is bringing most of her clients with her, and has already brought in another stylist, a masseuse and an aesthetician. She plans on bringing in another stylist and someone to do nails.

Brown said the experience will be unique not just because of the 70-year old building, but because of the independent experience. Each of the employees is actually independent.

'They'reeach in charge of their own business, so they're really looking out for you,' she said. 'When you're working for yourself, you really want to make sure that people keep coming back.'

As of press time, Brown was putting the finishing touches on the building, and hoped to open during the first few days of November. She has plans for a grand opening ceremony in February, and can be reached at 503-860-7201. Parking in the back of the building that can be accessed from Oak.