The coming election is very important to the future of all of the Sherwood area. There are many issues that we should take time to study and make decisions on. The most important thing we can do is to cast our votes for the candidates and the measures that we feel will guide our town and our families in the right direction.

Many decisions have been made over the last few years that many of the people I talk to are not happy about. They see our small town changing in ways that take away the feeling of community and identity that drew them to the area in the first place. Many have expressed their dismay over the loss of the historic district.

However, things have to change when the population grows as fast as it has in Sherwood. Change is inevitable, and not all of the former residents, including me, are going to like it. Those of us who live and work in Old Town hoped that the changes would enhance the feeling of living in this very special place that we considered our downtown to be.

The next few years will show just how successful the Economic Development Policy has been for Old Town. If businesses are drawn to Old Town and the Cannery site, if visitors come to shop, enjoy our festivals and events, and residents continue to support our small stores and enjoy that amenities of our downtown area, during the ongoing construction, it will all be worth it.

Experience is wonderful in a candidate, but you have to look at the record to make sure that that experience has served the community well. There are many critical issues facing us; schools, galloping water rates, half-finished street plans, library cutbacks, the lack of businesses to employ close to home, and many others.

Out city elections are only part of the choices that will be facing us on election day. On a national, state and city level, these elections are all important to our futures. So study all the issues and the candidates, and vote for your future!

The Rebekah Lodge is available for rent for small events or parties. This is an ongoing program to help pay for the renovation of the structure. They are also planning to restore the historic façade of the building as soon as possible. Their Saturday morning coffee and homemade doughnuts are the best too, and a great place to meet and greet people!

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