Former sheriff supports levy


I am writing in support of the Sheriff's Clackamas County Public Safety Levy 3-246.

I was a Clackamas county Sheriff for eight years years., from 1992 to 2000. We had our challenges, but nothing compared to what Clackamas County is going through right now.

Clackamas County is in a public safety crisis. Because of budget cuts, we have fewer deputies now than we did in 2001, and at the same time more people are moving into the county. We also have 84 jail beds we cannot put bad guys in because we do not have the staff. So there are a lot of criminals who go right back out on the street while the only consequences they get are three hours in jail.

One big difference between now and then is methamphetamine. Meth was nowhere near the problem it is today. It is not just the drug, but also the crimes that come with it that ravage society: identity theft, mail theft and child abuse.

Measure 3-246 adds more correction deputies to the jail so criminals pay their debt to society, adds more patrol deputies for quicker response times, and expands enforcement for meth-related crimes to make us all safer.

Please join me in making Clackamas County Safer. Vote yes on 3-246.