YES program coming to SHS


The YMCA Y.E.S. program - which stands for Youth Empowerment Skills - will hold its next session at Sandy High School on Friday through Sunday, Nov. 3-5. The program trains youth, ages 15-19, in building self-esteem, enhancing communication skills and taking personal responsibility. The session offers an intensive, three-day weekend followed by five weekly follow-up sessions designed to create and reinforce newly learned life skills.

'I'm impassioned about it because it's a gift to the community,' said Mikki Profit, Sandy High School's drug and alcohol counselor. 'It will teach kids so many things about their life, it's endless.'

Profit expects approximately 35 kids for the 66-hour session, with a range of participants, including expelled students to those who receive straight As. Participating youth can receive one-half a credit for attending, and Profit hopes that Sandy can host another session in the spring.