WANTED: Volleyball enthusiasts

Estacada community volleyball is all about having a good time
by: Barbara Adams, Shirley Hall (from left), Doug Barnes, Bert Yates, Sue Barnes, Phyllis Grimm and Marvin Harper play community volleyball year round through the Estacada Community School.

At 71 years young, Bert Yates knows a thing or two about volleyball-she's been playing for more than 40 years, and she's still going strong.

Phyllis Grimm has been playing for a good 35 years herself, but her age isn't something she's willing to discuss.

Since the early 1970s a group of Estacada-area adults have been meeting weekly for a night of exercise, fellowship and good time. Throughout the years Estacada community volleyball has been played at the old Estacada Grade School, Rivermill Elementary, the junior high school and outside on the north side of Rivermill. A dedicated group of players have continued to play together, but their numbers have fallen in recent years.

On a recent Tuesday night six regulars met at the Estacada High School gym. With so few players, they play three on three with a shorter, narrower court. They meet at 7 p.m. and play about four games, or until around 9 p.m. Shirley Hall, who organizes the activity through the Estacada Community School, said they are looking for more players.

'When the kids were little it was a night out,' Hall said.

'It's a lot of laughs,' said Yates. 'It's like a family get together.'

The play continues fall, winter and spring term through the Estacada Community School. During the summer months the group plays outside at Rivermill Elementary. 'As soon as school's out we go outside, and as soon as school's in we come inside,' Hall said.

The cost is $10 each term through the community school. During the summer players provide the net and ball and there is not cost.

'It keeps us active,' Yates said.

The games are lighthearted and fun-the main objective is to get exercise and enjoy each other's company.

For more information about the Tuesday night volleyball fun and fitness activity through the Estacada Community School, call 503-630-8523, or log onto www.esd108.org/community_school.