Hooley deserves to be returned to Congress


Voters in Oregon's U.S. 5th Congressional District should return Darlene Hooley to Congress for a sixth term. Hooley has demonstrated over the years that she knows how to represent a diverse district that reaches from rural Clackamas County to Lake Oswego to Salem to the Oregon Coast.

She is well known for engaged, effective and friendly service to citizens. After almost 30 years of city, county, state and federal service, she has a strong public track record of decision-making and citizen engagement.

In Congress, Hooley has been a voice for safety for the military serving in Iraq and an advocate for reduced class sizes. We agree with her that Medicare is too complicated for seniors.

Hooley was key in providing federal dollars to cost-effectively widen to three lanes a portion of highly congested Interstate 205 between West Linn and Interstate 5 while the pitted and decaying freeway is being resurfaced.

Hooley, a West Linn resident, has been very strong at staying in touch with her constituents, returning to the vast 5th district as frequently as possible.

Her opponent, Republican Mike Erickson, is from Lake Oswego and is president/CEO of AFMS Logistics Management Group. He has a strong background in business and financial operations but no significant government experience.

The tone of this particular campaign has left many Oregon residents feeling disgusted. Both camps have used frequent attack ads on television. They have been vicious, with way too much ugly rhetoric and not enough substance about actual issues. We feel all voters in the 5th District deserve better than this.

That said, we think the House of Representatives is the wrong place to cut your teeth learning about how government works. While Erickson espouses some good ideas, we aren't seeing the vision from him that makes us think it's time to make a change.

We urge voters to re-elect Darlene Hooley as representative to the 5th District.