Measure 42 works against consumers

To theEditor:

As a local Allstate agent, I strongly encourage readers to vote no on the Sizemore-sponsored initiative, Measure 42.

Oregon does not need this measure. The state's lawmakers debated this same issue a few years ago and as a result, Oregon has very well-thought out consumer protection laws in place that regulate the use of credit by insurance companies. I work with these laws everyday and I know that the ability to use credit with new customers positively impacts the majority of Oregonians by offering them affordable rates.

If Measure 42 passes, the majority of Oregonians will see their insurance rates go up - insurance for their cars, homes, condos, businesses and more. I do not want that to happen to my customers and I know many other insurance agents who feel the same way. Furthermore, if this measure passes, it will have negative consequences on trying to run a small business - small business owners certainly do not want that to happen!

Measure 42 is very anti-consumer and completely unnecessary. Please vote no on Measure 42.

Doug DiCola

Lake Oswego

Real democracy is

available to Oregonians

To the Editor:

Oregonians rejoice! Your votes in this election are going to be counted and, if need be, recounted!

Many of our fellow Americans will be forced to vote on machines with software that is not available to public scrutiny. And, once the results are tabulated, the input will be erased. There will not be a paper trail so recounting of actual votes will be impossible. To deal with the pesky discrepancy between exit polls and the 'official results,' some jurisdictions have banned the exit polls! I'm sure some states will once again report 'surprisingly unanticipated results.'

Right now real democracy is still available to us Oregonians. Be sure to take advantage of what we have and, just maybe, we'll be able to hang on to it.

Hank Robb

Lake Oswego

Jordan impresses this local voter

To the Editor:

We'd like to strongly endorse and encourage our fellow citizens to vote for Donna Jordan to be elected to the Lake Oswego City Council.

Our family moved here from Arizona this past summer. One of the reasons we chose Lake Oswego to relocate was the progressive, but balanced approach our city has taken on growth. We love the inclusion and respect for nature, while allowing controlled growth, resulting in one of the most pleasant cities in the country.

In the short time we've been here, we have found Donna Jordan to be inclusive, open and communicative. It is obvious when speaking with her that she cares about Lake Oswego and listens to what others have to say. We need to be sure that a voice like hers is on the city council.

She brings experience in working with individuals and government to achieve balanced positive results and has spent countless hours working on many volunteer organizations. Lastly, she understands the process of how to get results by working together with the large variety of groups, committees, agencies, and organizations that are all an integral part of forward thinking decisions.

Remember to turn in your ballets; you can't whine if you don't vote!

Daniel and Deborah Work

Lake Oswego

Reiter deserves the

support of voters

To the Editor:

I want to urge fellow Lake Oswego residents to vote for Doug Reiter for city council.

I recently attended the candidate debate sponsored by LONAC (Lake Oswego Neighborhood Action Coalition) to learn more about each of the candidates and their positions regarding many of the neighborhood issues and concerns. I was extremely impressed by Mr. Reiter's candor, his integrity and his willingness to respond to neighborhood concerns.

As a management consultant, he is bright, articulate, and has an analytical and thoughtful approach to addressing the challenges facing our community. Mr Reiter is supportive of our neighborhood groups and their efforts to maintain the quality of life that we now enjoy in this community.

While he is also supportive of the opportunities lying ahead for our city, he is fiscally responsible, stressing the importance of prioritizing future expenditures to minimize the burden on Lake Oswego taxpayers. I believe he will offer a fresh, new perspective to the city council and is the best candidate to represent the citizens and neighborhoods of Lake Oswego.

Please join me in casting your vote for Doug Reiter.

Evie Fuson

Lake Oswego

Teacher should be

awarded, not attacked

To the Editor:

Since my daughter was born 12 years ago, I have taught her many things. And now that she is in junior high, it is time for me to let go a little and empower her to make some decisions on her own.

When she entered Lake Oswego Junior High School as a seventh grader in September I was nervous but confident she had the skills she needed to be successful academically, emotionally and socially. She has had a fabulous start at LOJ and I am very thankful for all her wonderful teachers, as well as Dr. Gerson and Mr. Caplinger for their absolute dedication to the students.

At the beginning of the year, my daughter attended 'Morrie's Movies' during lunchtime. Mr. Morrison, a teacher at LOJ, opens his classroom to kids that may prefer a smaller setting for lunch and shows movies for them. He handed out a list of movies that he might show throughout the year based on kids' votes. My daughter and I reviewed the list together. It was my daughter that was able to decide which movies were appropriate versus not so appropriate for her to view.

Funny, my 12 year old could make intelligent and mature decisions on her own. My hard work is paying off! She attended the movies that she wanted to see and joined the cafeteria crew on the other days.

Bottom line - Mr. Morrison saw a need and offered a solution to help kids feel comfortable in a classroom setting during their lunchtime.

Not every student feels good about the cafeteria scene especially at the beginning of the school year. It can be very overwhelming at first. Given my involvement with the '40 Assets Movement' (building up assets in kids to help them make good choices through the teen years), Mr. Morrison should win an award for asset building at LOJ and should be applauded, not attacked. He connects with his students, understands them and goes out of his way to help make them feel that they belong ... We thank you very much Mr. Morrison!

Tina Beltrone

Lake Oswego

'I am proud to vote' for Reiter for council

To the Editor:

Having had the privilege of working for Congressman Les AuCoin, Gov. Atiyeh and U.S. Sen. Mark O. Hatfield, I recognize qualities needed in an effective leader.

I am voting for Doug Reiter for Lake Oswego City Council because he has those qualities. He is the right person at the right time for this very important job. He is experienced, intelligent and thoughtful. He will listen to the citizens and neighborhoods of Lake Oswego.

I trust Doug to manage wisely our city's future and finances. He will scrutinize the 'needs' and the 'wants' of our community and act on what is the best investment of our tax dollars. As a friend and neighbor, I am proud to vote for Doug Reiter. Please join me.

Ede Schmidt

Lake Oswego

Educators go 'extra mile for children'

To the Editor:

As a parent, I must respond to the Citizen's Views about lunchtime movies being shown as an option at Lake Oswego Junior High School.

I believe these letters have twisted the issues and unfairly attacked wonderful people who make a great difference in the lives of our children. They are not circumventing the system or trying to subvert the parent/child relationship as alleged by Corrine Mitchell.

Junior high can be very challenging for some children.

Mr. Morrison, a teacher at LOJHS, recognized that some kids struggled at lunchtime in the large, high-energy cafeteria. He took the initiative to open his classroom and volunteered his free time to welcome any child for lunch. He makes them feel part of a group at 'Morrie's Movies.' While the kids vote on the movie schedule, Mr. Morrison supervises the process and sends a list of movies to the parents whose kids participate. He is a great teacher who connects with the kids and makes them feel like they belong.

Mrs. Mitchell also attacked Dr. Gerson, our principal, portraying her as disrespectful. I attended a parent club meeting with more than a dozen parents last week. Dr. Gerson addressed the PG-13 movie policy and the lunchtime movies at length. She was in no way combative. The parents attending were overwhelmingly in support of lunchtime movies and felt fully informed. Dr. Gerson is an approachable administrator and I have always seen her treat parents with respect.

Before we attack the people who volunteer their free time to make a tremendous difference in our kids' lives, let us consider the following: Mr. Morrison's lost lunch hours to create a safe place for our children, Dr. Gerson voluntarily strolling the high school track at football games helping to monitor the safety of our kids, and Mr. Theissen, who spends countless hours making 150 kids feel like they are part of the biggest show in town.

These are just a few examples of great people at LOJHS going the extra mile for our children. Mr. Morrison and Dr. Gerson deserve our praise, support and thanks, not mean-spirited, narrow-minded attacks.

Patti Zebrowski

Lake Oswego

LOHS dance team seeks assistance from locals

To the Editor:

We are the 2006-2007 Lake Oswego High School dance team, also known as the Laker Dancers. You may have seen us perform at halftime of an LOHS varsity football or basketball game. With hard work and commitment, we have won the state championship for our division the past three years in a row. This year, we are very excited to have been invited to the prestigious National Dance Team Championship competition at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla. The NDTC, featured on ESPN and ESPN2, is an incredible opportunity for our student athletes.

We are currently seeking financial sponsors to help with the costs of travel, accommodations, and competition fees and hope we can count on your support. Our team is attempting to raise $18,000 for our 24 dancers. We are working hard to earn our funding by hosting a school talent show for LOHS students and parents, holding a clinic for youth dancers, working concessions and sponsoring a school dance. It is apparent, however, that we will need assistance from outside the school setting. A contribution, in any amount, will help us reach our goal.

We are very proud of our past accomplishments and the opportunity to represent our community. Last June, we performed in the Rose Festival Starlight Parade and on Sunday, Oct. 8, we danced at Millennium Park for the Buddy Walk, which helped raise awareness and funding for Down's Syndrome. Furthermore, our team consistently places in the top 10 in the Dairy Farmer's Academic All State Team.

Please feel free to contact Gwen Matthews at 503-968-5442 or Denise Allen at 503-635-4818 for any other information. If you choose to donate, please send checks to P.O. Box 926, Lake Oswego, Ore., 97034 by Dec. 1. These gifts are tax deductible and our tax ID number is 936008560. Your contribution will enable our team to share in this exciting opportunity. On behalf of the Lake Dance Team, we thank you, in advance, for your consideration and support.

Gwen Matthews and Denise Allen

Co-coaches, LOHS Dance Team

Don't pass up opportunity to elect Johnson

To the Editor:

How much longer must we continue to reference Lake Oswego as a 'graying community' without doing more than simply pay lip service to this concern? We cannot afford to let this rare opportunity pass by to have an extraordinary younger citizen of our community serve as a viable team member of our city council. Kristin Johnson is that person.

Ms. Johnson is an exceptional young woman with a true passion for her community. Her unparalleled enthusiasm and concern for Lake Oswego run strong and deep, perhaps gleaned from her ever-close relationship with her grandmother, Dee Denton, who successfully and unselfishly devoted 40-plus years of civic duty to our community. Whatever the case, Kristin has purposely directed her academic studies and civic experiences toward bringing this knowledge back to serve Lake Oswego.

Ms. Johnson believes in Lake Oswego and desires to ensure that it remain a viable community that future generations would like to call 'home.' Our community needs the youthful vision, verve, knowledge and selfless desire to serve the public that Kristin Johnson possesses.

If you have not already voted, we strongly urge you to embrace this opportunity and join with us and others in electing Kristin Johnson to our city council in this election.

Tim and Laurie Joyce

Lake Oswego

Population is the payment

To the Editor:

In the summer of 2005, I began to connect the issues related to the streetcar with population density ('Infill Development.') What resulted was a house of horrors.

This began after I read the Cascade Policy Institute's paper titled, 'The Mythical World of Transit Oriented Development -Light Rail and the Orenco Neighborhood, Hillsboro Oregon' (42 pages). I connected this paper with articles in The Oregonian, Lake Oswego Review and the Metro Code to the contemplated streetcar, Oregon Highway 43 and Lake Oswego Foothills Area Plan.

In summary I have learned:

First: Full funding agreement (FFA) for the Westside Light Rail mandated virtual ceding of local land use control to the federal government. The same will likely be required for the Lake Oswego to Portland Streetcar.

Second: Metro personnel -transportation engineers, never intentionally disclose the impacts of population figures on neighborhoods. Population figures for transportation models are not linked with sewer line capacity. For an example on impact, see Jan. 19 edition of the Lake Oswego Review 2006, 'Sewage spills into lake.'

Third: Any attempt to get linkages between population and infrastructure costs are obstructed at every opportunity by elected officials, government employees and citizens appointed to advisory committees. Why will not Lake Oswego Neighborhood Action Coalition - LONAC vote on a resolution, presented in June, to ask questions about population numbers used in transportation models? This is the basis of public policy.

I urge you to get a Yahoo! e-mail account. Then go to the Birdshill Yahoo! group site:

Note '_' underscore character.

Download the Cascade Policy Institute reports. Read and consider the reports. Then contact your elected representatives / candidates and state your concerns.

Contact Metro and find your appointed representatives to LOPPAC - Lake Oswego to Portland Policy Advisory Committee and state your concerns.

Get answers to impacts of population densities and costs in Lake Oswego, West Linn and the Stafford areas. Before your community gets densified and developed beyond recognition.

Charles 'Skip' Ormsby

Birdshill Area

Reiter is right for city council

To the Editor:

The reason I believe that Doug Reiter would make an excellent city councilor is because he has a very perceptive mind, knows how to ask the right questions, can get to the heart of an issue fast and has considerable business experience.

Doug will be a valuable addition to Lake Oswego's City Council because he does not fear confronting difficult issues. At a time when our community is considering a broad range of investments he's the kind of person the community needs on our city council.

I strongly recommend a Lake Oswego City Council vote for Doug Reiter.

Wishing Lake Oswego the best of all things.

Doug Oliphant

Lake Oswego

Do infrastructure fixing first

To the Editor:

We have a public health problem due to our broken sewer system. Not because I think so, because the state of Oregon, (D.E.Q.) knows so and has issued a citation. The penalty, by statute is $10,000 per day. This is what the man said. Play with those numbers and you (may) want a nitro pill.

Our infrastructure needs lots of time consuming and very expensive work. Our streets are in decay. We have increasing auto gridlock causes. The state of Oregon is after our buns and the mayor prefers to build a very large and expensive boat dock on the Willamette River. It is approved. Now ain't that a case?

A textbook example of bad business judgement is the continued failure to repair the sewer health problem. It has been known for many years. The cost now is many times what it could have been. Millions of our dollars wasted, gone, evaporated and nothing or no one can ever benefit. I wish I had the freedom to write what I really think about this.

The mayor has plans to completely reconfigure Boones Ferry and State Street at an enormous cost. Don't forget Safeco and much more.

There has always been a limit to the amount of debt and tax burden the people will tolerate. When will this occur? When will the mayor's many and hugely expensive programs compete directly against our schools and the money other social programs that cannot continue without our money?

Come on! Fix our infrastructure first. Not a rotor rooter fix. Do it properly for our kids and the people that will want to live here after us.

Alan E. Schlosser

Lake Oswego

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