MTV cast takes dare to face Ducks football stars

Stars of 'Buried Life' will take on Oregon football players for charity event at Tigard High School Saturday
by: Submitted Photo The cast of MTV’s ‘The Buried Life’ hopes to make a splash this weekend when they take on a slew of UO football alumni for an episode of their series.

TIGARD - Stars of the MTV reality show 'The Buried Life' are used to doing dangerous things.

Viewers of the show have seen the four friends sneak into the Playboy Mansion, hunt down fugitives and wind up in jail for streaking, all in the name of checking items off their bucket lists.

But this Saturday might be the most dangerous challenge the show's stars have faced: Taking on players of the University of Oregon football team at Tigard High School.

The show's four stars will take on a group of Oregon football alumni, including Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dennis Dixon, in a charity football game to support the Beaverton-based Oregon Football Association.

''The Buried Life' is one of my favorite shows,' said Ryan DePalo, a former Oregon football player and OFA president. 'These guys have a list of 100 things they'd like to do before they die, and every time they cross something off their list, they do something good for somebody else, too.'

The charity football event began as a dare on the show's Facebook page, said show co-star Dave Lingwood.

'We asked people to dare us and one of the list items was that we come play football against everyone out there, and that was the most voted. We couldn't be more excited that they're the people who won the dare,' he said.

'The Buried Life' has accepted dares before - in 2010 the cast was dared to steal a lock of hair from Twilight star Robert Pattinson.

'They are inspiring in what they do'

'The Buried Life' crews will film the game, which will become an episode of the show's third season.

Proceeds from the game will go to support OFA, a football mentoring program that teaches kids about the importance of hard work and determination both on and off the field.

'Everything I've learned about what I'm doing in my life I got from football,' said DePalo, a Southridge High School graduate. 'You learn about trusting others, having faith in something and having to work toward a goal. The sport of football takes so much intense focus and work and dedication to achieve your goals. And, if you take those same things and put them into your own life, you'll be successful.'

DePalo said he finds similarities between OFA and the message of the show.

'They are inspiring in what they do,' he said. 'They do things that step outside the box and do things that you normally wouldn't do to help people, and that's what we want our kids to do. They're not just a kid who goes to school and plays computer games. No, they're a kid who goes to school and goes and does things to make their community better.'

The event begins with a special 'kids camp' at 1 p.m. led by the Oregon players before the two teams take the field for a seven-on-seven game from 4 to 6 p.m.

Tricks up their sleeve

'We're a little nervous for the football game,' Lingwood said. 'But we'll be dropping shoulders and having a good time.'

Hailing from British Columbia, Canada, 'The Buried Life' cast may be more at home on a hockey rink than a football field.

'Their athletic ability might be a little bit, um, different,' DePalo joked. 'So we might break it up and have two of them on each team. The whole point is just to have a good time. They are awesome sports about the whole thing.'

Lingwood said 'The Buried Life' cast had a few tricks up their sleeves to beat the Oregon football alumni.

'We have a few strategies that we've been practicing in the backyard,' Lingwood said, laughing. 'But it's mostly a lot of 'Flying V' formations from 'The Mighty Ducks' movies, but maybe without the skates. Mostly a lot of hard work and determination is what our plan is going to be.'

The kids camp and charity game are free, with a suggested donation of $10 and a can of food.

All proceeds from the event will go to support OFA, and food donations will be donated to the Oregon Food Bank.

Cheer them on

Who: MTV's 'The Buried Life' vs. University of Oregon football alumni.

What: Filming an episode during a charity football event

Where: Tigard High School, 9000 S.W. Durham Road, in Tigard.

When: Saturday, Aug. 6 from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

How much: Free, $10 donation and can of food requested.