Lake Oswego resident Mary Mogentale encourages mammograms
by: Barb Randall, Mary Mogentale, Territory Manager for BioLucent, wants women to discover the comfort of MammoPads.

The American Cancer Society reports women can greatly reduce their risk of death from breast cancer if they receive regular mammograms. Despite this urgent message, nearly 40 percent of American women don't get regular mammograms. The reason: the pain and discomfort associated with the screening.

Enter Gale Lebovic, M.D. at Stanford University, who understood mammography discomfort from both the physician and patient's point of view. She has developed the MammoPad, a foam cushion that provides a softer, warmer mammogram. The pad is produced and marketed by BioLucent, Inc.

Meet Lake Oswego resident Mary Mogentale, woman with a mission. Mogentale, a registered mammographer, Radiologic Technologist in Radiography and Mammography is Territory Manager for BioLucent, Inc. She was thrilled to learn about MammoPads and now travels throughout Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Hawaii proclaiming its benefits.

'The discomfort many women feel during mammography compression is widely known to be the reason that some don't get regular screenings,' said Mogentale. 'Oh, that and the cold surfaces. The Montana women are loving the Mammopad as it separates their skin from the cold metal.'

Each week, Mogentale travels within her region educating breast healthcare providers on the innovative product. She meets with hospital administrators and technicians, introducing them to the advantages of the MammoPad.

Hospital administrators appreciate the product from a customer service aspect. Aware that women have choices of where their annual mammogram is taken, hospitals want to put their best foot forward in terms of customer care. Women are generally the decision makers of where a family receives health care and taking extra care to make their mammogram more comfortable can be very valuable in securing a family's healthcare business.

'The MammoPad isn't an item insurance covers, so hospitals need to pay for the item themselves. It's a popular item for hospital auxiliaries to fund. As women, they know the value of this added comfort and feel good about providing that special customer care for their hospital,' said Mogentale.

Mogentale teaches technicians how to properly use the MammoPad.

'The breast cushion answers the complaints most women have regarding the discomforts of a mammogram by providing a soft warm cushion for the breast during mammography,' said Mogentale. 'And because women are more relaxed during the exam, it makes it even easier for mammography technicians to get the best possible image.'

The single use, adhesive-backed foam cushion attaches to the compression plates of the mammography device. It works with types of mammography equipment. The recyclable breast cushion is 'invisible' to X-rays and does not interfere with the image quality of the mammogram.

The MammoPad is available to all women, though not all breast health centers include the pad as standard care yet.

'The whole thing is about early detection. All our efforts are about early detection. The earlier we can detect cancer, the better the chances are of successfully treating it.'

Mogentale's mission is to have MammoPads as standard care in all healthcare facilities in her territory.

'Think about the benefit to women everywhere if they didn't have to dread or put off getting a mammogram,' said Mogentale.

That thought makes her many miles on the road and in the air worthwhile.

For more information, call Mary Mongetale at 503-816-6231 or e-mail her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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