Support clean energy program locally

Energy Unlimited LLC is a rapidly growing renewable energy and energy efficiency company that provides solar power and energy retrofits for our customers. We urge you to support local PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) programs because it will make America more energy efficient and will allow more Oregonians to implement energy saving measures while eliminating the burden to the taxpayers.

PACE programs provide long-term private funding for solar power and energy efficiency, with no burden to taxpayers or ratepayers.

Homeowners make repayments for the installations in their homes through property tax assessments over many years. This is a win-win for Oregon as it creates long-term, stable jobs, reduces unemployment, saves Oregonians money and doesn't cost tax payers any more money.

Steve Carpentier


Debt-ceiling crisis much more complicated

Where to start? Your editorial on the debt-ceiling crisis left out a few facts. People were angry that Congress took the United States to the brink of default? So the president, who showed no leadership by not offering a plan with some substance but only platitudes and class warfare, is off the hook?

His party had control of both the Executive and Legislative branches for two years and couldn't produce a budget. Now that is what I call political dysfunction!

Your assertion that now our congressional delegation should concentrate on jobs creation is laughable, were it not so serious. Where were they doing for the past two and a half years? Oh that's right, I forgot they were busy trying to destroy health care, give amnesty to illegals, save the baby gray whales and fundamentally change America.

Well how's that working? Unemployment is at 9.1 percent, we're $14 trillion in debt, along with the clowns who get voted in (Weiner, Wu, etc.), is shameful.

This is not rocket science, more government with its accompanying control (read loss of liberty, both private and economic) means less assets (read money, property, freedom, etc.) in private hands. Instead of people expecting ever increasing government programs, how about shrinking government programs that foster the free enterprise system, and grow the economy through private means, both shrinking the debt and opening up economic areas for more private entrepreneurship (real job growth).

The regulatory climate of uncertainty and burdensome regulations with the liberals proclivity for spending other people's money is feeding the loss of jobs and adding to the economic downturn. The inane belief that somehow robbing Peter to pay Paul is social justice with the use of governmental force defies logic. As does even your mention of a government-funded stimulus. So with a tip of the hat to Ogden Nash I give you:

'A Caution to Everybody'

Consider the auk;

Becoming extinct because he forgot how to fly, and could only walk.

Consider man, who may well become extinct

Because he forgot how to walk and learned how to fly before he thinked.

Frank Grande


Granddaughter shows business savvy

My granddaughter is one savvy business cutie.

She has been selling ice cream in her neighborhood for extra cash this summer.

The Ice Cream Man came on her street, and she ran out with her homemade sign that her ice cream bars were cheaper. He asked her if she was selling, and she said yes.

A few weeks passed, and he came back again, up went her sign (competition), he then asked if she was still selling. She replied yes, he then asked how much? She told him 1 dollar. He bought two!

Love this story and thought some innocence and sweetness would be refreshing.

Juanita Fletcher


Thanks to The Outlook for obituary help

With all the emotional stress surrounding the death of a loved one, it was a great relief to work with the capable staff of The Outlook in the design of the obituary for my father. The Outlook still maintains a fair charge for this service.

Thank you very much for your help and sincere concern.

Claudette Naylor


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