The real news in the Lake Oswego Review story two weeks ago is that the community has managed the lake more like an aquarium than a lake for the last 50 years. By constantly adding copper sulfate, a poisonous chemical, we have apparently contaminated the sediments with copper that kills the snails, clams and other wildlife that ordinarily would keep a lake clean and healthy.

A story earlier this year in the Review pointed out that virtually no clams and snails remain in the lake.

The question is now, how do we fix it? The best solution would be to let the lake clean itself up as much as possible. That means we should return the lake to as near a natural state as possible.

Just like an aquarium owner who has mismanaged the fish tank, the Lake Oswego Corporation, the city, and the rest of the community now need to stop adding chemicals to the aquarium and set up a balanced system that will maintain itself to the greatest degree possible. That will be healthy for the community and will, without a doubt, increase the value to the lakefront property owners. All of us who live on the lake need to ask ourselves whether we want to fix the problem, or just continue to mask it and live with a lake that is more a problem than an amenity or community asset.

Herb Koss

Lake Oswego

See 'hate speech' for what it is

Mr. Luck's comments regarding the 'First Amendment' (Review, Nov. 23, 2006) needed to be said.

Citizen McNish appears to be the self-anointed radical left wing thought police in our community. Each time a reader expresses a centrist political view, God forbid a conservative one, McNish is there to criticize and demean.

Never offering constructive criticism or an original helpful thought, he simply attacks. And, although Citizen McNish has every right to do so, the readers of the Review should recognize this hate speech for what it is and what it represents.

Noel R. Wolfe

Lake Oswego

Development creates concerns

Why is the city of Lake Oswego so eager to rubberstamp a new residential development when it adversely affects over seven times the number of existing residences? Are they only interested in tax revenue?

This development will remove more than 72 beautiful trees, yet our HOA has yet to get permission to remove four trees that are actually a threat to existing residences. Instead of looking at trees from I-5 north of the Lake Oswego-Durham exit, you will now see 12 homes about eight feet apart. Also, even though the area is zoned for 7.500 square foot lots, the developer will create even smaller lots. The developer did not even get a variance for this downsizing. To top that off, the developer plans to access the development through another existing development that is filled with small children at play. Let's pray a dump truck or heavy equipment truck's brakes do not fail! It is an outrage. Can you help?

P.S. Of course, this new development will generate only $60,000 a year in property tax revenue for the city. Is it really worth it?

J.R. Kelly

Lake Oswego

Thanks for passing the sheriff's levy

The following is an open letter to the citizens of Clackamas County:

After three failed public safety levies in the past decade, you cast your vote for fiscally responsible public safety in Clackamas County. It's a public trust the men and women of the sheriff's office and I don't take lightly.

Our success was truly a grass roots effort. I want to offer special thanks to the citizen-driven Blue Ribbon Committee - which made recommendations that laid the levy groundwork and to the Safer Clackamas Political Action Committee. There was also outstanding support from other city, state and federal Public Safety partners, the Clackamas County Peace Officer's Association and our own Command Staff Association. Most of all, I would like to thank the citizens who listened and voted for public safety.

Over the past decade, the sheriff's office hasn't kept pace with Clackamas County's explosive growth. We have fewer deputies now than we did in 2001 and have continued to do more with less. But with the passage of 3-246, you've made it clear that you recognize that problem - and want to help us open closed jail beds and bring service back up to the levels you need and deserve. We're honored by your trust and your vote.

The men and women of the sheriff's office will work hard to demonstrate to the voters this was a wise investment of their hard earned dollars. We have a lot of work in front of us now and I'm confident you will see a great return on your investment. On behalf of the entire sheriff's office staff, my sincere thanks for your vote of 'Yes on 3-246' and your commitment to improving public safety in Clackamas County.

It is an honor to serve you. Happy (holidays) to all!

Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts

Oregon City

Help out the Holiday Turkey Drive

As we count our blessings this time of year, it is important to remember that we belong to a community of privilege. Many others in our state are not so fortunate; the Oregon Food Bank estimates that the number of hungry citizens in Oregon has never been greater.

We have the opportunity to share our resources with others less fortunate during the annual Holiday Turkey Drive next Wednesday, Dec. 6, and Thursday, Dec. 7, a very worthwhile cause that benefits Oregon residents in need. I urge you all to contribute to this program facilitated by three of our local schools to benefit the Oregon Food Bank.

Your contributions of frozen turkeys, cash or checks (made payable to Oregon Food Bank) will help change the holidays for many families in need. Donations will be gratefully accepted at the following schools on Dec. 6 and 7 during the following times:

n Lake Oswego High School (before school at 7:10 to 7:35 a.m., and 9:05 to 9:20 a.m.)

n Lake Oswego Junior High School (before school at 7:50 to 8:10 a.m. and after school at 2:50 to 3:10 p.m.)

n Forest Hills Elementary School (before school at 8:45 to 9:10 a.m. and after school at 3:25 to 3:40 p.m.)

For more information about the Oregon Food Bank, please check its Web site at If you have questions about this year's annual Holiday Turkey Drive, please feel free to contact me with questions or comments. Thank you in advance for your generous support.

Forrest Jackson

Sophomore Class Treasurer, Lake Oswego High School

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