Mary Woodward bazaar is holiday tradition

The holiday event with something for everyone is on tap for Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

TIGARD - The annual Mary Woodward Holiday Bazaar is bound to be another successful venture this year if Linda Shaw has anything to say about it.

Shaw, a parent and a volunteer at the school, is the organizer of the event, and she has turned it not only into a profit-making venture but also a lesson in business for the fifth-graders who participate.

'This day has become a great way to kick off the holidays, and the entire community is invited,' she said. 'It is a community event.'

There are several different components to the event, which will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., according to Shaw.

The bazaar will be held in the cafeteria, with 48 tables displaying the work of metro-area vendors. 'The variety is huge,' said Shaw, who is working on the bazaar for the fifth year.

'The background ambiance will be (provided by) the children in the community playing the piano and violin,' she added. 'I think promoting children and music is great during the holiday season, and it gives them another venue to practice in. People are signing up for 10- to 15-minute increments.'

In another area, Kidding Around Photography will take complimentary photos of kids with Santa.

In the gym is the Shoppers' Club for kids.

'This is an area the kids can come to and shop for their families,' Shaw said. 'Our fifth-graders help out the younger kids and take them around, helping them make decisions and handle money.'

For sale in the Shoppers' Club are pre-purchased manufactured items plus others that bazaar vendors think may be attractive for children to buy, according to Shaw.

Where Mary Woodward fifth-graders really get experience is through marketing their own products at the bazaar in the school lobby, and Shaw takes them through the whole process step by step.

She opened the kids' market to all fifth-graders in the school and could have taken up to 10, but nine responded.

'During the month of November, they prepare to sell their items - homemade or not - and meet with me a couple times to learn some basics about having a business presentation, cost of goods, profit and loss, and so forth,' Shaw said.

'Some kids are earning money for the fun of it, others have goals of purchasing gifts, and others are fund-raisers for their own personal interests.'

Shaw goes over the basics of setting up tables, making a good appearance and selling at the right price ('sales minus expenses equals net profit').

'I talk about greeting your customers and offering a gracious good-bye and saying thank you,' she said. 'We also talk about making change and sending out thank you notes.'

Mary Woodward is located at 12325 S.W. Katherine St., off 121st Avenue, and if the parking lot is full, nearby street parking is available. Also, Shaw will have a shuttle service running between the school and people's vehicles.

For more information, call the school at 503-431-4700.