It was because of you

As the co-Leaders of House District 35 for the Democratic Party, we would like to thank our Precinct Committee Persons and their helpers who worked so hard on this election to bring in the vote for our Democratic candidates.

King City is Precinct 419, King City Highlands Precinct 415, and the Summerfield area is 408. House District 35 had a very good turnouts with 73%. Representative Larry Galizio had 56% of the vote and Shirley Parsons 44%. Precinct 408 had a voter turnout of 80%, precinct 415 had 90% turnout, and 419 had 88%. For an off-year election, the voter turnout was very high and reflects the hard work of the volunteers in this House District.

Deserving of a special thank you would be Dan and Betty Barnes (419), Floyd Nave (408), Alan Peck and Elizabeth Rathbun (406), Mark Myers (409), Bonnie Anderson (409), Kim and Della Pangborn (409), Gretchen Randolph (403) and Stephen Dunne (399). Thanks to these folks and to all the others who made this election a success, and a special thank you to our favorite candidate, State Representative Larry Galizio.

Ellie Burch

David Harper

Thanks to our friends

Thank you for the kindness and generosity show to my sister Della Goldstein at the memorial gathering in the Summerfield Club House.

Pat Burkett

King City

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