Sandy awarded $254,000 park grant

Money will fund majority of costs to develop Bornstedt Park
by: contributed photo by GROUP MACKENZIE This is a consultant’s drawing of the plans for Bornstedt Park, most of which will be paid with an Oregon State Parks grant. It was recently announced that a grant of nearly $254,000, as requested by Community Services Director Nancy Enabnit, has been awarded to the city to build the neighborhood park.

Sandy City Manager Scott Lazenby announced recently the city has received a grant of nearly $254,000 requested by Community Services Director Nancy Enabnit.

The grant will pay most of the cost of developing Bornstedt Park, Enabnit said, although the city will have to come up with about $100,000. That money comes from developers' system development charges that are budgeted during the current biennium. The city also will contribute about $75,000 in neighborhood volunteer assistance and city services.

The grant was awarded for the full amount that Enabnit requested.

'We were really lucky,' she said, 'and we're very happy about it.'

In a few weeks, the city will receive written authorization to begin the project, and Enabnit said an optimistic view is the park might be complete by next summer. But she also said that timeline would depend on a number of factors that she could not predict.

In total, phase one will cost about $430,000. When all phases of the park are considered, the price tag rises to $570,000, Enabnit said.

When phase one is complete and the grant money has been spent, Enabnit says there won't be much left to finish the park plan, which was formulated with help from nearby residents.

'The only things left to do in phase two,' she said, 'will be the basketball courts and the backstops, and maybe one more picnic shelter.'

The community gardens, now located on park land, will be relocated when construction begins on the 5-acre park.

Bornstedt Park is located generally south of Bornstedt Road, near Pine Avenue.

For more information, call Enabnit at 503-668-5569.