1911 - People were spending the summer climbing Mount Hood 100 years ago. The Outlook reported that two women narrowly escaped being killed when a large boulder, on which one woman was seated, slipped and trapped her feet underneath. That arrested the fall of the boulder, which would have killed the woman below. Five passing hikers managed to shift the boulder enough to free the woman, and she finished her ascent.

Lige Coalman, mountain man and guide, said his little dog had made the ascent several times, but had to be carried across one crevasse.

1921 - 'Great interest is being taken in the eruption of hot sands which are pouring out of the south side of Mt. Hood just below Crater Rock. The unusual phenomenon was first noticed on Sunday afternoon and has been of the subject of most interesting speculation since then,' The Outlook reported 90 years ago. Mountain guides made their way to the crevice, which was 50 feet wide, and more than a mile long to see 'powerful, hot sands working their way out of the crevice under what seemed to be enormous underground pressure.' The heat had melted ice into large cakes and dislodged boulders that were rolling down the mountainside.

1931 - The economy was in a grim state 80 years ago, and the chairman of the employment committee in Gresham warned the city council that it should make some financial provision for aid in caring for unemployed residents in the coming winter.

1941 - A state law against killing bears was barely tolerable to Marmot residents 70 years ago. While the law made sense to wildlife enthusiasts, who rarely ran into the animal, local residents said it was different in the Marmot and Sandy River area, where bears were killing sheep, robbing bee hives and raiding orchards.

1951 - 'A movie outfit' moved into a Gresham motel 60 years ago to work on an Oregon pioneer film, 'Bend of the River,' featuring James Stewart.

1961 - Swim masks and snorkels were $1.98 in the summer 50 years ago at Zim's 12-Mile Corner. Transistor radios were the new technology and were expensive, priced from $7.88 to $27.88.

1971 - Albertson's was celebrating its anniversary 40 years ago with a free luau in the Gresham mall. The luau, Albertsons-style, was a stuffed pig with Mauikai barbecue sauce, imitation poi, tropical fruit punch, exotic rice dishes, coffee and French bread and a selection of Jell-O and salads.

1981 - Ron Sunseri was an evangelist 30 years ago and declared war on occult practices. He was also fighting influences in daily life that could lead to dabbling in occult practices. Those included heavy rock music, illegal drugs, ouija boards, astrology, hypnotism, yoga and transcendental mediation.

1991 - The free lunch facility, Zarephath Kitchen, was in trouble 20 years ago, but finally received a new community service use permit with certain conditions. The site on Northwest Ava Avenue would be served from the rear of the house and not the front, helping to solve problems of people who lived in the neighborhood.

2001 - The Mt. Hood Festival of Jazz drew 20,000 fans 10 years ago. Former Gresham police chief Dwight Vicars died at age 71. The Columbia Gorge Premium Outlets at Troutdale were 10 years old. And the Target store was building in Fairview.

2010 - Carol Neilsen-Hood announced her resignation as head of the Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce at this time last year. Lillian's natural foods store was getting ready to open in downtown Gresham. And vandals chopped down 100 trees on a u-cut tree farm in Clackamas County.

Researched and compiled from The Outlook files.

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