An article in the Nov. 14 Portland Tribune was not clear on the reasoning that a Portland police officer gave his superiors in explaining why he completed a 'Use-of-Force' report the way he did after a September incident at a Portland apartment building.

The article described an incident in which Portland police officers pulled their guns and pointed them at a man's apartment door after police went to the apartment building in response to someone anonymously making a 911 call and saying that she had heard gunshots at the apartment building and that there was a wounded man at the building.

The story said that the police officer indicated in his 'Use-of-Force' report - required after officers pull their guns - that the man behind the apartment door had been reported to be armed and that he had a history of violence. The police officers did not know anything about the man, including his name, when they pulled their guns, the article said.

But the story did not include comments that police officials relayed to the Portland Tribune reporter before the story was published: that the police officer told his superiors that he believed he should check the 'history of violence' box on the 'Use-of-Force' form if there was an indication of violence surrounding the incident at which they came across the man.

The police officer said he had therefore checked the 'history of violence' box because of the 911 call that indicated shots had been fired and a man had been injured.

The story also quoted police Cmdr. Bret Smith as saying that Lynnae Berg, the police bureau's assistant chief of operations, indicated to him that the issue of how officers fill out the reports would be raised at a public Independent Police Review Division meeting that week. The story noted, however, that there was no public Independent Police Review Division meeting scheduled.

Smith said that in his interview with the Tribune reporter, he did not indicate the review would happen at a public IPR division meeting, but would occur at another meeting of another committee that included police officials. That meeting did occur that week.

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