Time for the little rockers to graduate
by: ©2006 ILAN@AUDIOCINEMA.ORG, Keith Richards is surely shaking in his boots as young rock-and-roll Turks like these get ready to put their training to use on stage.

Commencement ceremonies are usually staid and serious affairs. Not so with the School of Rock. The local chapter of Paul Green's performance-based musical institute of higher learning celebrates the completion of each quarter with a start-to-finish presentation of a classic album, and tonight's selection is Pink Floyd's 'The Wall.'

If this all sounds like kids' stuff, think again. The School of Rock - and the students who enroll - are dead serious about their rock and roll, and the resulting high-caliber performances are definitely more suited to a real-life rock club than a school assembly.

It's also inspiring to watch kids who've been bedroom Eddie Van Halens take the spotlight and shine, whether you're related to them or not.

The evening ends with an after-party fundraising performance featuring Mora Tau and BlackHeart WhiteNoise, the exciting up-and-coming local rock band led by School of Rock musical director Carl Hinds.

- Barbara Mitchell

7 p.m. SATURDAY, Dec. 2, Hawthorne Theater, 1507 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd., 503-233-7100, $13, all ages

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