TROUTDALE - Nearly a month after the Nov. 7 election, Troutdale City Council candidate Jim Kight was declared the official winner in the race for position 1.

The few votes that separated the opponents in the race triggered an automatic recount, which was done by hand Friday, Dec. 1, by a four-person team at the Multnomah County Elections Office.

In the end, four additional votes were added for Kight. His opponent, Marianne Vier, garnered one more vote, bringing their totals to 2,101 and 2,095, respectively, said John Kauffman, Multnomah County elections director.

'I feel like I gave a 150 percent, but it still wasn't quite enough,' Vier said. 'I'm just glad we pulled that many votes.'

Kight does not have any specific plans, but said he will probably take his family and a few supporters to dinner to celebrate his victory.

'We didn't know how was going to turn out, so it had to be spontaneous,' he said.

At one point in time, Vier was ahead by five votes, but since then Kight has consistently been in the lead.

'I couldn't be more glad,' that the election is over, Kight said. 'It was quite a … process. It's has gone on for three weeks.'

Now that the election results have been certified and the recount complete, Kight is focusing on the future.

'I would really like to move forward with the urban renewal process and the improvements to the south side of downtown,' Kight said.

Kight would also like to find a visible, high traffic area in which to locate a new branch of the Multnomah County Library.

Vier, who served on the Troutdale Ad Hoc Downtown Redevelopment Committee, is also looking forward to seeing how the city's urban renewal effort goes.

'It will be interesting to see how the year progresses with the new council and how they proceed with urban renewal,' she said.

Even though she lost the council seat, Vier said she is happy with her overall election experience.

'I learned a lot about the process,' she said. 'Looking at the overall numbers (during the recount), it was interesting to see how each precinct laid out.'

However, Vier was somewhat disturbed to learn that there were 859 under votes, or people who did not vote for the position 1 race at all.

'I just want to thank all the people who helped with this campaign,' she said. 'I think we have a really strong foundation to move forward on if we choose to run in another election.'

And although nothing is certain yet, another election could be in Vier's future.

'I try to take things day by day, but I would definitely consider running for City Council again if I had the right opportunity,' Vier said.

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