Damascus overtakes Fairview in population

Wood Village may be East Multnomah County's smallest city, but it's also the area's fastest growing one, according to recently released university estimates.

East County's population is also outpacing overall county growth, as well as the state's.

The combined 2005-06 annual growth rate for Gresham, Troutdale, Fairview and Wood Village was 1.88 percent, compared to Multnomah County's growth of 1.3 percent and Oregon's overall growth of nearly 1.6 percent, according to preliminary estimates from Portland State University's Population Research Center.

Between July 2005 and July 2006, Multnomah County added 8,720 residents, bringing last year's population of 692,825 to 701,545 this year. East County - Gresham, Troutdale, Fairview and Wood Village - saw an extra 2,320 residents, boosting the local population from 123,085 last year to 125,405 this year.

Counties surrounding Multnomah County also are growing at a faster rate.

Clackamas County grew by 1.6 percent with an additional 5,740 residents, increasing the population from 361,300 last year to 367,040 this year.

Washington County saw a 2.2 percent increase in population, with an extra 10,800 people, bringing last year's population from 489,785 to 500,585 this year.

Locally, Wood Village, the smallest of East County's cities, grew by 2.95 percent, or 84 residents. Its population now stands at 2,965, compared with 2,880 last year. The growth in the past year follows several years of nearly no increase in Wood Village.

Mayor Dave Fuller attributes the growth spurt to a new subdivision built north of the Wood Village Town Center. But he doesn't expect such high growth percentages in the future.

'We're almost out of land, so we'll have to grow upward instead of outward,' Fuller said. 'I think it will probably be pretty moderate from this point forward. All we can do is go up.'

Gresham grew by 1.9 percent, with an extra 1,845 residents, bumping last year's population of 95,90 to 97,745.

Damascus in Clackamas County saw a 3-percent increase, surpassing Fairview in population.

This year, Damascus saw an additional 290 residents, bumping last year's population of 9,380 to 9,670. It's the first time Damascus has had a population percentage to work with since residents voted to incorporate two years ago. Portland State's program only estimates populations for incorporated cities.

Fairview's population is up 1.69 percent from 9,425 last year, to 9,585 this year, thanks to an extra 160 people.

Also in Clackamas County, Sandy saw a 5.8 percent increase with 390 people boosting last year's estimated population of 6,680 to 7,070.

Troutdale gained 230 residents, boosting its estimated population from 14,880 to 15,110. That's a 1.5-percent increase.

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