Remembering Robert

by: File Photo, Robert Karsten passed away on Nov. 14 and left behind a fantastic legacy in Sandy and on Mount Hood.

The Sandy community suffered a huge loss on Nov. 14, when former Sandy High School ski coach Robert Karsten passed away.

'He was an icon on the mountain. He's been up there for a long, long time,' current Sandy ski coach Randy Hopkins said. 'If you were on Mount Hood for any number of years, you knew Robert Karsten. He was a superb skier.'

'I went to his memorial, it was neat. There was a huge slide show of him and all of his adventures traveling all over the world - his whitewater rafting, his skiing.'

Longtime friend and coaching peer Brian Raasch offered some thoughts on Karsten as well.

'He was quite an adventurer,' Raasch said. 'He was a rafter, he was a world class ice sculptor - he traveled all over the world doing ice sculptures.'