Three assailants beat, rob Welches man at Meinig Park


Even though a Welches man needed to 'walk off' his troubles, a recent early-morning stroll through Meinig Park was not fruitful.

The 28-year-old man had been visiting with friends not far from the park the night of July 23 and was strolling through the park. Just before midnight a man appeared from the darkened areas under the trees near the west side of the park and asked the stroller for a dollar.

Continuing to walk, the man said several times that he was broke and didn't have any money.

In an instant, the stroller became a victim. He was hit on the head, and two other men quickly joined the fray, making it three against one.

They first hit him in the head and knocked him to the ground before they began kicking, hitting and cutting the Welches man, who was on the ground covering his face and head - unable to see his assailants.

One of the three took his wallet and cell phone, extracted $200 in cash and dropped the wallet and phone on the ground as the trio fled into the darkness.

The victim was dazed but able to find his phone and call his friends for help.

They first took him back to their apartment, but then realized the seriousness of his wounds so they took him to a hospital.

Officers interviewed the victim as well as his friends, but they provided very little information. The victim was unable to even identify the race of his attackers.

Two officers went immediately to Meinig Park and searched for an area they could say was the crime scene. They were looking for blood-stained soil, due to the nature of the injuries. But they reported not being able to find any place that looked like an attack site.

According to an officer's report the case will be suspended until someone can shed some light on this case.

They need someone to provide information that would assist an investigation.

To offer any information, contact the Sandy Police Department at 503-668-5566.