THEFT -- The 19-year-old Burger King employee allegedly used customer's card numbers to pay for phone sex

Forest Grove police cited an employee of the Cornelius Burger King last week for using a customer's debit card information to rack up $209.53 in charges to a phone sex line.

The 19-year-old employee was working at the drive-through window of the Burger King on Nov. 28 when a customer used her debit card. The customer noticed that the young man was acting suspiciously after handing back the debit card.

That suspicion caused the customer to check her bank statement later in the day, which showed charges from a phone sex line. The customer called the phone sex line, who refused to give her the number of the caller. That's when she alerted the Forest Grove police.

An officer called the sex line and got the phone number used in the call, then asked the manager of the Cornelius Burger King to confirm whether it was a Burger King employee's phone number. The manager said that it was the employee's phone number.

Officers went to his home in Forest Grove and issued him a citation for identity theft, a felony, and two misdemeanors: fraudulent use of a bebit card and theft in the second degree.. He will appear in court Dec. 27.

Forest Grove police spokesman Capt. Aaron Ashbaugh said that officers decided not to arrest the teenager.

'He was cooperative and we had no past history with him that made it seem he wouldn't show up in court,' Ashbaugh said.

While the circumstances of the theft may seem humorous, Ashbaugh said that it was a good reminder for holiday shoppers to be mindful of their debit cards.

'Mail theft has probably become a more frequent way of getting people's credit card numbers these days but it's not that uncommon for somebody to just write down someone's credit card when it's available to them,' Ashbaugh said

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