by: Jim Hart, Standing next to her pride and joy, Exhilarate Tan & 
Bodyworks Owner Jana Cornelius shows off the Sun Italia King high pressure UVA tanning bed, the only one of its type in Oregon.

Jana Cornelius knows that people tan their bodies for different reasons. Some want a tan just before a vacation in a sunny climate, while others say it makes them relax and feel good, or that it helps them avoid depression in the winter.

Cornelius has the answer for every person who wants a golden tan year-round.

With several different types of tanning beds in her new salon in Robinwood, she can accommodate anyone who wants golden brown skin.

She also offers an infrared body wrap system to help the body eliminate toxins, improve skin condition and relieve some chronic health conditions. Also available is a hydro-jet massage bed that stimulates circulation and relaxes muscles.

In the Exhilarate salon, there are six tanning beds of four different types. The Cadillac of tanning beds is a high pressure UVA tanning bed that Cornelius said is the only one of its type in Oregon. A series of treatments (20 minutes each) on the Sun Italia King will produce a golden brown with less UVB exposure than the other beds.

Exhilarate has three mid-range beds and one that can be used by people who are affected by winter's lower light levels and the resulting depression.

The salon's inviting décor, Cornelius said, should put people at ease as soon as they walk into the West Linn Retail Center location.

'I have a good mix of tanning equipment to give people choices of equipment with different tanning capabilities,' she said.

The infrared body wrap is available in a private room, Cornelius said, and is used by people who don't have time for a deep tissue massage.

'People come fully clothed (preferably sweat clothes),' she said. 'I put the wrap on them and monitor them throughout the procedure and then I unwrap them when the procedure is finished.'

Another procedure available at Exhilarate is a hydro-massage table that allows the fully clothed client to select and adjust the location and strength of massage - targeting specific muscles.

Cornelius has worked in corporate America for 14 years. She said she understands the importance of customer service, and aims to make people comfortable and provide education that will help them decide on the most satisfying procedures.

'In my salon,' she said, 'I try to cater to busy people and their needs.'

She has invited local residents to come in and check out her holiday gift specials and packages.

Exhilarate Tan and Bodyworks is located at 19377 Willamette Drive in the West Linn Retail Center, and is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. as well as Sundays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. For information, visit the Web site To contact Cornelius, call 503-697-6296 or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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