Police say they have no suspects in an armed robbery that left two employees tied up in an Applebee's at 3 a.m. in November.

Capt. Don Forman of the Lake Oswego Police said the crime occurred at the Applebee's on Meadows Road Nov. 17. He said two armed suspects entered the building while two employees were wrapping up a shift after the restaurant closed.

For 30 minutes, Forman said the suspects, who wore ski masks, held two people at gunpoint and demanded cash, which was taken from several locations in the restaurant.

'This is not the sort of thing that happens on a daily basis and it is pretty alarming. It has the potential for people to get hurt,' he said.

Forman said both employees were tied before the suspects fled but managed to free themselves within minutes and call police. The exact amount of money stolen is unavailable.

Police are not disclosing the identities of the victims but Forman said they were 34 and 38 years of age.

He said he is optimistic police would find the suspects in this case. Anyone with information is asked to call Lake Oswego Police at 503-635-0250.

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