Tombstone-style signs hazardous

To the Editor:

Trying to pull out of Round Table Pizza on busy Boones Ferry Road I found my view of oncoming traffic blocked by the new low 'tombstone' sign located next to the sidewalk.

I had to drive over the sidewalk with the front of my car in the traffic lane to see oncoming cars. In the zeal to promote aesthetics, was safety forgotten?

The signs need to be set back far enough from the road to provide a view of oncoming traffic, or God forbid, put on a pole.

Rob Baur

Lake Oswego

Asking questions is not negative

To the Editor:

I would like to respond to Robert Lawrence's 'Citizen's View' on Nov. 30.

Robert, when did it become negative to question large expenditures by public officials? Why is it negative to question the pledging of $20 million that had been set aside to fund a decaying sewer system as part of a loan for this community center? What makes it negative to question large outlays of money to plan for this community center when allegedly it is not a done deal?

My paranoia makes me feel that this community center is being shoved down our throats without a vote by the people.

You allude to the 50+ groups saying this is what they want. You know and I know that many of these types of groups are hand picked. Are most of these people well meaning? Yes, of course they are well meaning, wanting what they think is best for the state, county or city. But they are hand picked, not necessarily representing the views of the general public. What I heard at one of these 50+ group meetings was the need for affordable housing. What happened to that need? What I see in our current city council, as a group, is attention deficit/hyper activity disorder. They either don't pay attention or soon forget what the public is saying and they go from one 'great idea' to another, all costing huge sums of money, ultimately ending up in higher taxes.

I commend you for your public service as we both have served on volunteer councils and commissions for seniors and disabled. I also respect your views, but I don't think I'm negative for not sharing your vision for this Safeco/community center. I also remind you that there is a considerble difference between $500,000 and $20 million for a purchase price.

Leo Pothetes

Lake Oswego

Development will cause problems

To the Editor:

This development (at the end of Frost Street) will not only adversely affect the neighborhood adjacent to the development but all of the neighboring residents as well.

There is a big misconception about how many trees are going to be removed. The 72 trees that are going to be removed are for the road only. When this development is complete there will be a loss of at least 200 trees out of the 300-plus that are there now. I-5 being a wind corridor will cause additional tree losses throughout the neighborhood in wind storm events.

Group protection of the trees will be gone, and all noise protection will be reduced dramatically. It is a crime to take what was once designated as a buffer zone by Metro, and was to continue through the city of Lake Oswego as one as well. One mistake has been made. Let's not make another one.

Kelly German

Lake Oswego

'Holiday tree' logic questioned

To the Editor:

As another Christmas and New Year fast approach, I frankly was somewhat irritated to hear our city refer to our giant sequoia the fire department decorates each Christmas called a 'holiday tree.'

I was informed by a city employee that because contributions came from a variety of ethnic and religious groups, 'holiday' seemed the name best suited for the tree. First, let me pray that the logic is not contagious as it could lead to removing 'In God We Trust' from our currency.

We were formed as a Christian nation and remain a Christian nation, and because we are a true democracy, all are free to practice their individual religious beliefs without fear of reprisal.

If you as a man were told that the large sum of money you were about to receive carried only one caveat, that you wear a dress and high heels for the rest of your life, well, only you have that answer!

Chad Metzger

Lake Oswego

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