by: Dan Skoog, A covered front porch at Modern Business' new business location on Campus Drive will include a custom made railing made by Northwest Technologies.

The need for more space is among the reasons two local businesses have chosen to move from downtown Estacada to the business park just west of town off Highway 224.

On November 9, North Coast Supply Solutions moved from its 2,000 square foot office at 313 Southwest Highway 224 to a brand new 3,6000 square foot office space with adjoining 10,000 square foot warehouse at 2455 Northwest Campus Drive.

'We've expanded,' said manager Mark Greene. 'We're hiring more people and putting in some corporate functions here.'

Thirteen people work at the business, which changed its brand name from North Coast Supply Solutions to simply, Supply Solutions. Three employees are new, and there is room for 14 more, said Greene.

Supply Solutions is a 'supply chain management company,' said Greene. The warehouse is filled with lighting fixtures, light bulbs, and a variety of electronic components. Before moving, the company had a difficult time finding warehouse space in Estacada that would fulfill their need.

'We needed a 10,000 square foot warehouse, so that's why we built this. We also wanted to stay in Estacada-we really wanted to be part of the community,' Greene said.

The value in the company, he added, is in its employees. 'This whole team is from here. Everybody's here because they want to be here-we have a great labor force.'

Right across the street from Supply Solutions is what looks like a wood building with a red tile roof-but this 'green' building is made out of steel and will soon be the new home for Modern Business Service Systems, Inc. a transportation brokerage, traffic and data management company.

Dan Skoog is started the local business in 1984. He said he's hopeful his seven employees will have moved from the current office space at 354 Southeast Highway 224 (a space they've been leasing since 1988) to the new building by early 2007.

Skoog began constructing the new building a year ago. He is the project's general contractor, and also designed the two-story 3,300 square foot 'state-of-the-art office building,' which will take advantage of natural light with huge windows and uses soy-based insulation. 'Supposedly you can eat it, but I'm not going to try it,' he said. 'The entire building is sealed with this-all the exterior walls, roof and ceiling.'

Two heat pumps will help kept the building warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Skoog's business neighbor, Supply Solutions, will supply energy efficient lighting. 'We're using local vendors as much as we can,' he said. Hardwood floors will be installed throughout the upper level; green dyed cement has been polished out on the first.

Skoog said the steel building comes from Outback Distributors in Sandy. As the project has progressed, he has set aside large rocks from the half-acre building site, which he will use in landscaping. They will compliment the custom stone coating that covers the steel. 'When it's done, it won't look like a steel building at all,' he said.

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