Randolph will never get it, so let him go

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Weekend roundup:

• Zach Randolph knows he did something wrong the other night in Indianapolis, but he just can't quite put his finger on what it was.

And you really can't be surprised he thought the one-game suspension was too severe. He isn't used to being punished for his misdeeds. Usually, when he's in a bad spot, he just hires a good attorney and buys his way out of the mess.

Sorry to be so hard on him. Bird-flipping, in today's world, certainly isn't that egregious. But in this case, it's just one more incident piled on top of the others that gives insight into a player's character.

Hate to say it, but the guy is a bad accident waiting to happen, and I just wonder if this franchise is ever going to come to grips with that.

I know he produces rebounds and points. But if this team is going to finish in last place with him, it may as well finish last without him. I refuse to participate in the silly 'Who can we get for him?' trade stuff, too. That's like kids trading baseball cards.

Salary cap relief would be an admirable goal.

• I know, I rant about this every year. But the OSAA tying itself into a contract with Autzen Stadium for the state football championship games before knowing who will play in the games is silly.

Sending Jesuit and Southridge to Eugene to play was as silly as sending the Crusaders and Lincoln last season.

The Saturday tripleheader drew a little more than 13,000 people - the most since the plan has been in place. But I'd have to say, the 6A game alone would have drawn nearly that many people in Portland's PGE Park.

And I know the state's young players are all aflutter at playing in Autzen in front of 50,000 empty seats, but inevitably - no matter how hard they try not to - the people telecasting the game show those acres of vacant seating sections and it looks awful.

• Speaking of the Crusaders, congratulations to them for winning two in a row. It was obviously a terrific team.

Not to sound like an old codger here, but I'm not ready to proclaim them the best team of all time for one reason - the competition. Great teams need great opponents to validate their strength.

You know, the Red Sox have the Yankees and the Yankees have the Red Sox. The great Steeler teams always had to beat the Cowboys. But no team in the state stepped up as powerful opposition for Jesuit this season.

Recruiters will tell you this was not a big year for high school football in Oregon. In fact, there are more blue-chip college prospects in basketball this season than football. It's unfortunate that there wasn't another powerhouse for Jesuit to play along the way to the title.

But that's not their fault. The Crusaders demolished everyone they played in the playoffs, and that's all you could ask of them. What a wonderful season for them.

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