Gresham officials owe citizens explanation

At least two people have written complaining about the money spent on the Powell Boulevard project that doesn't give what we needed most: four lanes. I believe Gresham city officials owe us citizens some answers as to why.

Why did we spend the money expended without getting four lanes all the way? Powell already carries traffic that should have been on the Mt. Hood Freeway (but that's another fiasco). Do we really think two lanes are adequate?

Why did we plant a forest in the middle of the street where cars need to go?

Why did we spend so much money on stone walls with 'City of Gresham' plastered all over them and then plant a tree 5 feet in front of it? Do you think that tree is going to grow and block more of the sign in a few years?

Back in early August it was announced that this Powell project would be finished by the end of September. We're now in mid-December and it's still going on. Does the contractor not have some sort of incentive for early completion or at least a penalty for late completion? Or is this a city-operated project?

Cities have been encouraged for some time to change their outdoor lighting so less light shines upward causing light pollution, which hinders astronomical observations. But Gresham does just the opposite by getting rid of the lights that shine downward and replacing them with 'antique' lights, which shine in all directions, including upward.

Are we some sort of exception to good practices? Who made these recommendations? Who reviews them? Who makes the final decision? And by the way, how much did this whole project cost?

If these questions were asked of city officials in a meeting, I'm sure somebody would be able to answer them forthrightly. How about somebody who knows the answers printing them in The Outlook so we all can share in the answers?

But on a positive note, Powell Boulevard certainly looks nicer! I'll try to keep that in mind as I inch my way from Portland to Southeast Gresham.

Dave Cary


Survey wasted Gresham taxpayers' money

The city of Gresham has spent $28,000 on a survey to find out something that most of us already know - we generally are pretty happy about Gresham. What I'm not happy about is that we paid $70 per person interviewed to find out that we generally like Gresham. Maybe next year they should ask if we like paying $70 per phone call to find this out.

I also have a question. It states that the 400 responses were a random sampling, but then states that 107 Latino residents were included. How can then this possibly be a random sampling? Another $28,000 well spent. I still like Gresham, just not this stupid waste of taxpayer money.

Alan Cohen


Smith's change of heart purely political posturing

I see by the enormous amount of press coverage that Sen. Gordon Smith has finally seen the light and has declared that the war in Iraq is one great big mistake. Gee whiz, senator, I could have told you the same thing on the day that Bush, Cheney and Halliburton decided to invade the damn country. As a Democrat and a Navy Vietnam veteran, I am not buying Smith's act for a second. This is just a typical Republican politician trying to put as much distance between himself and 'W' as possible so that he can try to come into the 2008 election smelling like a rose.

Sen. Smith, I don't think you care a bit for the thousands of veterans who have been killed or wounded over in Iraq. And I don't think you care anything about what we have done to the citizens and the country of Iraq. I think all you care about is whether or not you will have a Senate seat in 2008. I will be doing my best to see that you don't. Now where did I put Earl's phone number?

Mike Mattingly


Politically correct holiday complaints begin

A rabbi at Sea-Tac Airport threatens to sue if a Menorah isn't added in addition to a Christmas tree. People like Rabbi Bogomilsky and the ACLU are the reason for so much dissension among us. I could have walked by a Menorah and thought nothing of it. He could have done the same with the Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, etc.

Willie Nyquist


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