Search warrants served Wednesday morning in city offices

FBI and IRS agents served a search warrant at the Portland Bureau of Transportation Wednesday morning as part of a federal investigation.

The agents searched the offices of parking manager Ellis K. McCoy, as well as his home in Hillsboro. He was placed on paid administrative leave later in the day.

In 2008, the Portland Tribune reported that McCoy was involved in a complicated scheme to sell the city's solar parking meters and lease them back for difficult to understand reasons. In November of that year, the Portland Tribune reported that a city parking subcontract accused McCoy of taking bribes from companies that sell or service the city's parking meters.

Bruce feathers accused McCoy of accepting Portland Trail Blazer tickets and other things of value from two companies that sold meters to the city - Parkeon Inc. and Cale Parking USA Inc. - as well as a parts supplier used by the city called Precise Parklink.

McCoy denied the allegations through his attorney, Daniel Snyder.

The FBI also raided Cale's headquarters in Florida on Wednesday, suggesting the company is the main target of the investigation.

Mayor Sam Adams, who was and is in charge of the transportation bureau, canceled the deal and ordered an internal investigation. The results of that investigation have not been released.

Other contracts involving the meters have been approved by the City Council since then.

Adams declined to comment on the searches.

'Since this is an ongoing investigation, the U.S. attorney and Federal Bureau of Investigation ask that we not comment further on the matter, and we respect that,' Adams said. 'This is a city and a state that prides itself on clean government so I am deeply concerned by the allegations; we will enthusiastically and fully cooperate with all aspects of the investigation.'

U.S. Department of Justice spokeswoman Gerri Badden would not comment on the case, only saying that the investigation is looking into a division within the transportation offices.

The transportation offices are on Southwest Fifth Avenue in downtown Portland.

Fox 12 contributed to this story.

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