Forest Grove -- Units from Portland and county sheriff's office snare a repeat offender on David Hill Road

The Washington County SWAT team and the Portland bomb squad closed part of David Hill Road on Friday afternoon to serve a search warrant at 44725 NW David Hill Road in connection with reports that a resident allegedly threatened an ex-roommate with a shotgun.

SWAT team members deployed tear gas and flash bombs to neutralize the house because of the possible presence of firearms, and the bomb squad was present in case a tip that the house was booby-trapped turned out to be true.

But the suspect, Keith Teufel, 47, was not on premises and the house was not booby-trapped. Saturday morning, Teufel was arrested without incident at the Glennwood Store 57975 NW Wilson River Highway.

Teufel was charged with two counts of menacing, one count of felon in possession of a restricted weapon and also had a warrant for his arrest due to a parole violation.

For reasons that were not clear at press time, the Washington County District Attorney's office declined to file a complaint against Teufel during his scheduled arraignment on Monday, although he is still being held at the Washington County jail in connection a parole issue.

According to Washington County Sheriff spokesman Sgt. Dave Thompson, Teufel has been booked into the Washington County jail 18 times since 1985. Officers were actively seeking Teufel when a tip led them to the Glennwood Store.

'They were out looking for him at another residence near that store when they got word that he was there,' Thompson said.

Residents along David Hill Road were surprised by the size of the police presence over the weekend, which involved closing part of the road for a few hours on Friday.

'I think they had every police officer in the county there,' said Ken Parry, who owns a Christmas tree farm on David Hill Road.

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