Remembering Mark Hatfield


Several area residents shared their recollections of former Sen. Mark Hatfield:

Tom Maginnis, Lake Oswego, was a member of Hatfield's staff from 1977 through 1982, and served as staff legal counsel 1980-81 and as press secretary during his last year, before going to work for the Reagan Administration.

'When you work that closely with anyone, you see all sides of the person and what I saw was not much different from what everyone else saw,' Maginnis said. 'He was enormously thoughtful and one of the finest men I ever knew. I am very sad he is gone.'

* * *

Former Lake Oswego Mayor Judie Hammerstad (2001-2009), who prior to that served in the Oregon Legislature, has fond memories of Hatfield.

'Mark Hatfield is the model for leadership and public service. I grew up in Salem and admired the young dean of students at Willamette, the young legislator, the young governor and the ageless U.S. Senator. He was always interested in young people and mentored many. To Mark, public service was an honorable profession, and he exemplified that. He was an inspiration to me. I greatly admired his compassion, and even though I didn't always agree with a position he took, I knew he took it out of deep consideration, experience and integrity. He was consistent in his positions, but was willing to negotiate the pathway to a decision.

'Mark Hatfield's love of Oregon, love of history and force of character led him to be a truly great leader for our state. He will be greatly missed.'

* * *

Marvin Kaiser is CEO of Mary's Woods between Lake Oswego and West Linn, where Sen. and Mrs. Hatfield lived for about six years. Kaiser knew him prior to coming to Mary's Woods, through his work at Portland State University.

'Sen Hatfield was an incredible statesman who served Oregon very well,' said Kaiser. 'He will always be remembered as a man of intregity who spent his life working for a a peaceful world. He has a special place in our thoughts and prayers here at Mary's Woods. We will always be grateful for the years that he and Antoinette shared with us (here). He left his legacy and his mark on Mary's Woods, as he did on all of us in Oregon and in the nation. He was a special guy.'

* * *

Roger Martin of Lake Oswego was elected in 1966 to the Oregon Legislature and represented District 24 for 12 years. Martin and his wife stayed close to the Hatfield family. He is very proud to have participated in a tribute to Mark Hatfield, organized by Brad Avakian, that took place in the Oregon House Chambers a few years ago.

'Mark Hatfield is the finest political figure in my lifetime,' said Martin. 'He was above reproach and was a wonderful, thoughtful person. He was the most gracious person and always would have time to visit. He also had a great sense of humor.

'When I first ran for office in 1962, I was a rookie politician and asked Mark if I could use his name. He quickly agreed, so I had about 2,000 brochures printed up, whatever our meager budget could afford. Upon reviewing it with Mark, we discovered his name was spelled wrong. Instead of making us redo it, he just laughed and made a joke of it.'

* * *

David Yaden, a Lake Oswego resident, is on the board of directors for Oregon Health and Science University - a cause that was near and dear to Hatfield's heart.

'He was a  man of principle, a man of peace, and a man not afraid to use the public purse for the public good,' said Yaden. 'Best example is his support of Oregon Health and Science University, which today serves Oregonians and the world  as a powerhouse of healing, discovery, and teaching the next generation of healthcare providers.'