Tualatin council selects Beikman to fill empty seat

Beikman and councilor-elect Donna Maddux will be sworn in in January

TUALATIN - The Tualatin City Council makeup will be very different come January.

Monday night the six-man council selected stay-at-home mom Monique Beikman by a vote of 4-to-2 to fill the No. 2 City Council seat.

'I'm excited to get in there and work,' Beikman said about her appointment. 'And I sincerely hope I don't disappoint anyone.'

In October, Councilor Mike Gillespie resigned from the No. 2 seat after announcing his intent to move outside the city limits. In November, eight city residents submitted letters of interest for the position.

Monday night, councilors cast their votes via signed paper ballots. While Mayor Lou Ogden spoke a few words about the possibility of multiple votes in order to reach a four-vote consensus, the council only voted once.

Beikman said she had a feeling the selection would come down to two candidates: herself and Frank Bubenik. She and Bubenik co-chair the Tualatin Tomorrow Visioning Committee. Councilors often joked with Beikman about the large amount of e-mails she sent out every week to councilors. In November, Bubenik ran and was defeated in a close race for the No. 3 council seat.

Monday's vote was almost as close. Councilors Ed Truax, Chris Bergstrom, Chris Barhyte and Bob Boryska voted for Beikman. Ogden and Councilor Jay Harris voted for Frank Bubenik.

Beikman, along with Councilor-elect Donna Maddux, will be sworn in during the council's first meeting in January. Beikman's appointment and the November election of Maddux to the No. 3 seat will change the makeup of the once all-male council.

Beikman is a 9-year resident of Tualatin. During her interview with the council in late November, Beikman said if selected she would bring the perspective of being a mom to the council.

'Driving through the city 15 times a day between carpools is a lot different than driving once through town to get to work,' Beikman said about the perspective she'll bring to council. 'It's an important perspective.'