Iraq war does not parallel U.S. history

I found the letter from George Burgess something less than enlightening ('Democracy cannot be built overnight,' The Times, Dec. 7). He found a way in the first two sentences of his letter to take a cheap shot at all Americans, politicians and our public schools.

He goes on in his letter to list four facts about our road to independence that he claims the average citizen has failed to grasp. Burgess makes a mighty effort to compare our independence with the newly elected government in Iraq. Based on his statements, it would appear that Mr. Burgess slept through some of his American history classes.

For openers, no one invaded the English colonies in America to overthrow the English monarchy. Our revolution was started by people who at one time had been loyal subjects of the English commonwealth. In effect, our founding fathers started a civil war on their own without the influence of a foreign power.

Burgess is correct in stating that it took 14 years to establish the final form of our new government. But during that time Americans were not slaughtering each other by the hundreds each day as is currently happening in Iraq. The colonies were also not occupied by 150,000 non-English soldiers attempting to decide who is their friend or their foe.

The push to establish an American-style democracy by the Bush administration in Iraq is in no way related to the events that lead to the formation of the United States. In all of Mideast history, Israel is the only nation to have successfully established a government on the principle of true self-determination.



What we need are logical lane designs

Instead of complaining about drivers 'taking cuts,' how about encouraging our genius traffic engineers to develop logical lane designs so that these two-lane 'roads to nowhere' can be eliminated.

Oops… that would go against the tacit Metro plan of not building any new traffic lanes to accommodate our regional growth in order to force us to use public transportation.



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