Letters to the Editor Dec. 16


Pedestrian's aiming to ruin Christmas

My letter is for merry Christmas people who wish to ruin car drivers' Christmas, mostly at night and raining. For example:

• Below 202nd Avenue and Division Street in front of Outlet Grocery standing in the middle of two yellow lines, dark, rainy with a small child.

• Riding a bicycle in Fairview or Halsey Street, dark, raining, black plastic cape on, no light on bicycle or person, darting in and out of traffic.

• Teens in Gresham on Burnside walking against lights at a busy time of day, or people coming and going from Goodwill. Idiot heads with head phones, talking while crossing street, while drivers are making left or right turns.

• Skate boarders skating behind Burger King, right under the sign, no skaters!

• People walking behind cars pulling out of parking spots, just waiting to ruin somebody's holiday or any other day.

Now who's going to yell the loudest or who cares not to drive, but to drive, the drivers craz?

Eileen Ayres


Bush's actions have undermined government

When citizens break the law, law enforcement apprehends, prosecutes and punishes them.

President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney are not above the law. They have seriously broken laws and injured our country.

When strong evidence exists of the most serious crimes, we must use impeachment or lose the ability of the legislative branch to compel the executive branch to obey the law. Impeachment is called for and the House is the initiator.

Bush's actions undermine our entire system of government. If Bush and Cheney are not impeached for their actions, a precedent will be set that allows future presidents to start wars without provocation, torture prisoners, wiretap citizens without warrants and suspend habeas corpus.

We must act now to prevent that from happening again in the future. Members of Congress take an oath of office promising that they will defend the Constitution from 'enemies both foreign and domestic.'

This is their primary duty. When the Constitution is safe then they have the luxury to attend to other matters.

Harvey Thorstad

Veterans for Peace


City messed up Powell Boulevard project

I just read the letter to the editor from Dave Cary (Dec. 13), I am in full support of his letter, and would like to add a few items.

The after-thought at the intersection of Powell and Birdsdale. It seems they overlooked this until the last minute, and what they did is a joke. The right turn onto Birdsdale from Powell is so sharp any large truck or bus has to drive through the left turn lane from Birdsdale. The city or county's so-called engineers who designed this whole mess should be fired, and whoever put the OK on this should be out of a job, what a joke.

The fact that Powell is two lanes at the Cedarville turn really makes a nice bottleneck for the traffic flow. There is plenty of land on either side for the missing lane that should have been paved. The center islands are way too wide, and why do they have sharp ends? People have already run into these jokes that the city put in the way of traffic. Why could they not have built these like other areas in the Gresham area? The city has other islands in the street, but they do not have the high curbs with blunt ends. The islands at night are very hard to see. They are not marked as well as the other ones throughout the city. The people who make contact with these hazards should sue the city for any damage to their vehicle.

With Gresham building these large apartment areas that do not have enough parking, these complexes just flood Powell with more cars. Is there anyone in the city of Gresham planning department looking past their nose at the future traffic that will be trying to drive down Powell?

Someone in the city government really needs to look at the results of the money wasted. Planting trees in front of signs? Who will maintain these planted areas? The city does a poor job taking care of what they have already planted. With all the budgets so tight, this whole Powell project should be reviewed, and someone needs to be fired.

If this is what we have to look forward to with the city of Gresham in charge of all of our streets and roads, we are in trouble.

Jerry L. Ford


Mattingly went too far

in letter about Smith

I am appalled at Mike Mattingly's character assassination of Sen. Gordon Smith (Letters Dec. 13), who has served Oregon's interest honorably for many years.

Sure, maybe Smith's change of heart regarding Iraq is something of a political move, but to go so far as to say 'I don't think you care about the thousands of veterans who have been killed or wounded in Iraq' is going completely out of line. Sen. Smith is a fine man who doesn't deserve this abuse. I'm a veteran too, and I don't like and have never liked this war. Mr. Mattingly, however, has gone too far.

Larry Beaver


Column reminds us to celebrate diversity

Almost every year, Sharon Nesbit writes a column bringing fresh air and light to Christmas rituals ('Jab misses mark' in Dec. 13 issue). Just when I'm noticing wooden thinking here and there, Nesbit opens the neighborhood to the idea of our appreciating choices and spiritual generosity.

Let's think. If Jesus came to say that his father is a loving God, and if he were so radical as to talk to and care about everybody, would he sneer over a few customs from beyond the block? Mistletoe, trees, yule log, candles, stars, wine punch, icicles, harvest crops, reindeer? Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza, Christmas, the Winter Solstice and all.

Joanna Klick


Christian message

has been lost

The escalation in hatred and violence throughout the world today is evidence that the original Christmas message has been lost to the majority of humanity. God promised a Messiah, a savior to the world. Jesus was God's word in flesh, his own personal ambassador to the earth. Jesus called for a revolution, not an outward battle against governments or men, but an inward struggle against the powers of evil that seek to crush the heart and soul of each and every person.

The sin within us could not be overcome by human effort, so God sent His son to do battle for the souls of mankind. Christ willingly laid down his life to redeem the world. He died on the cross then claimed victory over death when he rose from the grave. In reality, Christmas is about a rescue mission that continues to this very day.

Randy Hunter


Human suffering has been ongoing

The conflict in the Middle East may seem to be the clash of civilizations, but basically all wars are started where the violation of human rights is, so severe action must be taken.

Violation of human rights in Iraq and throughout the Middle East has been going on for centuries and is not the narrow view we see on our television screens on a daily basis.

When wars begin, cameras role and a steady news feed is presented to the world. We must remember there are more cameras and videos exposing the violation of human rights than 40 years ago. More exposure can sometimes lead to more depression on the way the world really is and not what we thought it to be. The war in Iraq is the exposure of centuries of human suffering not seen by most of the world. Human suffering is in all parts of the world, China, the Soviet Union, Burma, The Philippines. It is when the degree of toleration of human suffering can no longer be acceptable that wars are inevitable.

For those people who are long in suffering, their time is yet to come to be free people. America may seem to be the culprit and instigator of conflicts at this time, but in reality, we have liberated millions of people. The Iraq war is not a mistake, but a conflict that was bound to happen whether we like it or not. It just came sooner than later and it happened in the period of our time.

Mike P. Brink