There's a reason that Peace on Earth is such a treasured concept this time of year

It is important that we not lose sight of the reason that so many of us look forward to the holiday season.

In the faith-based world, the reason is obvious: Christmas for Christians, Hanukkah for Jews, Kwanzaa for African-Americans, Ramadan for Muslims and so on. The mere fact that so many religions of the world celebrate special holidays at this time of the year is one of the main reasons we refer to this period collectively as 'the holidays.'

And no matter what your church affiliation might be - and indeed, maybe you don't even have an affiliation - a central theme at this time of year is worth noting: Peace on Earth.

With all the routine stress of the holidays coupled with the mounting problems plaguing the world such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the increasing violence in the Middle East, the genocide in Darfur, the inability to bring comfort to so many victims of last year's Hurricane Katrina and the twin tragedies coming out of Oregon recently of the Kim family in Josephine County and the three climbers lost on Mount Hood, it's easy to lose sight of this whole concept of peace.

Peace of mind.

Peace of heart.

Peace between people.

Peace between nations.

Peace between religions.

Peace between different belief systems.

There are many people working for and against peace today. We hope that whatever your situation is that you are able to find peace and share it with others. We need to generate good will … our world can really use that in abundance right now.

Find the peace … and pass it on.

Happy Holidays, everyone.

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