The group of seven is at it again. The immediate issue to those of us in the Palisades neighborhood is not the high additional taxes for the sewer interceptor and accompanying infrastructure, or the additional substantial taxes for the Safeco multiplex that could exceed $80 to $100 million.

Nor is it the delay and questionable planning in the retail area of Lake Grove, no, at this time we are wondering why the council has ignored the master plan of 1996 for the Luscher Farm lands and the 2001 citizens approved bond for additional sports fields at Luscher site. Some of us believe the council should explain why a consultant (McKinsie Group) was directed to plan a 10-acre parcel, which would include a dog park, and would limit the approved sports field(s) and not direct the consultants to master plan the entire 100+ acres (and growing) to help facilitate all the competing interests (dogs, farming, parks, green space, wetlands and sports).

How about a little more planning and a little less sucking up to a new vocal group, which appears to have priority to the Palisades neighborhood (1,500 homes, 6,000 citizens)?

Even more disturbing to the sported minded of Oregon is the hurry to put in a dawg park (think Huskies) without considering the fair and balanced approach. What about a duck pond and a beaver dam? This would be fair and balanced and could be accomplished without great changes to any plan, because the wetlands already exist (designated) on the large portion of the Luscher site and would only need signs and Beaver traps (yes, I'm a Duck) to accommodate this wildlife. We should move the dogs to the north side of the site (to be geographically correct), where they would be content if given security and access according to a conversation with their spokepersons. We would suggest accomodating the vegetable people near the beaver pond to continue a long tradition of association and study.

We would have reservations, however, if fair and balanced included a cougar sanctuary.

Finally, a name change would help to identify and explain the many uses that could be planned for the 100+ acres, now known as 'the Farm.' How about 'The Rose at Stafford' or 'Palisades Park and Recreation Facilities' or 'The Rose Garden and Sports Fields at Stafford?'

John Mills Woodworth is a resident of Lake Oswego

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