Information for the public safety column comes from public records of the West Linn Police Department.

Authorities recently filed reports on the following incidents.


7/30, 3:45 p.m.; A briefcase, CDs, XM radio unit, Blackberry, HP calculator, pocketknife, golf shoes and heart rate monitor were taken from an unlocked Ford Explorer on July 22.

7/30, 7:42 p.m.; A wedding ring was missing after a plumber had been working unsupervised in a house between 2 and 6 p.m.

7/31, 4:44 p.m.; A motorcycle was taken for a test drive and was never returned.

8/1, 4:07 p.m.; A woman with known dementia was caught shoplifting at Safeway. Her family was contacted.

8/3, 2:53 p.m.; A man reported checks were stolen, one of which was cashed at 7-11.

8/4, 2:22 a.m.; A woman reported her vehicle had been stolen


8/3, 6:51 a.m.; A two-car non-injury accident occurred on I-205 southbound at Hwy. 43.

8/3, 9:50 a.m.; A red Honda Elantra with a temporary license and a University of Iowa sticker in the window nearly ran two cars off the road. The car was also seen making erratic lane changes and cutting off other motorists on I-205 at 10th Street.

8/3, 12:30 p.m.; Another erratic driver was seen, this time in a dark gray Pontiac Montaineer van, taking the Hwy. 43 exit off I-205 southbound.

8/3, 4:36 p.m.; A vehicle ran into a parked car on West A and Willamette Falls Drive.

8/4, 9:43 a.m.; Three vehicles collided on Hood Street. Two had to be towed.


7/29, 5:19 p.m.; A man reported being stopped by a man wearing a Hawaiian shirt and cargo pants, driving a Chevy Malibu with a red and blue light mounted on the windshield. The want-to-be Hawaii 5-0 motioned for the complainant to pull over then pulled up alongside his car to yell at the man.

7/29, 5:56 p.m.; Neighbors on Sunset Ave., were having a verbal altercation regarding a U-Haul truck that was blocking a driveway.

7/29, 11:37 p.m.; The disturbance on Shady Hollow Way was caused by a loud movie soundtrack.

7/30, 2:14 p.m. A confused grandmother was at Market of Choice with grandchildren and unable to find her husband. Officers reunited the family and all was well.

7/30, 3:14 p.m.; A blue Volvo sedan lost its exhaust system and sparks were flying at Cedaroak and Willamette drives.

7/30, 5:43 p.m.; A man reported his nephew and brother were fighting. Officers responded and separated the parties for the evening.

7/31, 10:13 p.m.; A group of about 15 teens were throwing trash cans and lighting fireworks at Tanner Creek Park.

8/1, 1:38 a.m.; Police assisted TVF and R with a 15-year-old female who had overdosed on alcohol.

8/1, 8:11 a.m.; A man on Trillium reported that unexploded fireworks were put in the bed of his pickup overnight.

8/1, 4:01 p.m.; A woman who had previously had her boyfriend arrested for breaking into her house now wants to drop the charges.

8/1, 4:16 p.m.; Extra patrols were requested by a woman who filed a restraining order on the man she kicked out of her house today.

8/1, 5:33 p.m.; A woman on Hoodview Ave. reported that about 10 obnoxious juveniles were being noisey and disturbing the peace.

8/1, 10:55 p.m.; An anonymous caller on Perrin Street reported that juveniles were starting a fire in a firepit without adult supervision. Turns it two adult woman were enjoying the fire, which was far from neighbors and presented no fire hazard.

8/2, 1:23 a.m.; Officers assisted fire and medical teams with an overdose situation in a vehicle. Officers notified the parents of the victim that patient was being transported to area hospital for treatment.

8/2, 11:39 a.m.; The driver of a dark blue newer Toyota Tacoma took a break from speeding on Highway 43 to pull through the drive thru at Burgerville. Service at the restaurant must have been speedy, as responding officers were unable to locate the speed demon.

8/2, 1:38 p.m.; After residents on Parker Road complained of loud music, skaters at the skate park agreed to turn their music down.

8/2, 5:21 p.m.; A man reported that someone had switched the diamond in a wedding ring in 2007. Police determined the statute of limitations had expired and offered advice and options.

8/3, 11:16 a.m.; Extra patrols were requested on Shannon Lane, where a property owner discovered bon fire remains, alcohol bottles, fast food bags and used condoms.

8/3, 4:17 p.m.; Three or four women in their mid-twenties were suspected of smoking marijuana in Swiftshore Park.

8/5, 12:55 a.m.; A woman reported receiving harassing text messages from a tutor. The tutor evidently didn't have an effective teaching style as he became aggressive and then wouldn't give back the teaching materials.

8/4, 2:08 p.m.; A caller on Nolan Lane reported a juvenile had been shooting his own dog and children in the neighborhood then ran away when the reporter saw him. Officers responded; the youngster was hiding but his dad brought him out of the house.

8/4, 5:33 p.m.; A man who was asked to present his fishing license by another man at Swiftshore Park, wanted police to verify he was fishing legally. Officers contacted both parties.

8/5, 9:46 p.m.; A mom wanted a police officer to talk to her 16-year-old son about stealing her alcohol. Officers contacted him and gave advice.

8/5, 10:36 p.m.; A female was screaming in Willamette Park and it was uncertain if she was just being loud or in trouble. Responding officers were unable to locate a screaming female, but noted a car full of teens leaving the park.

8/6, 12:01 a.m.; A woman on Ninth Street reported someone was in her drive and tried to open the door. Officers and the Lake Oswego K-9 unit responded.


8/1, 7:38 p.m.; A woman on Johnson Road complained about a neighbor who was teasing her dogs, trying to get them to bark by spraying them with water. Officers gave the caller options.

8/3, 2:24 p.m.; A woman called police to come remove a dead squirrel from her driveway.

8/4, 10:15 a.m.; A woman called to report a dead raccoon on the sidewalk on Cascade Terrace.

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