letters - Aug. 11, 2011


If they build it, do not shop there

To the Editor:

I feel strongly against the coming of Walmart to the local community. To shop at Walmart is to line the pockets of the richest family in the world (recently noted as worth more than $90 billion and not sharing much with its employees) and is mostly to shop ourselves out of jobs.

Currently, Walmart is the world's largest employer, and its size dwarfs even giants such as ExxonMobil and General Electric.

Why is this not to be celebrated? Because Walmart is riddled with thousands of lawsuits for its well-known shabby employment practices.

Walmart blocks workers from organizing, discriminates against women and virtually ignores federal and state labor laws when it comes to its employees' hard-earned overtime pay.

Furthermore, Walmart is the single largest importer of overseas goods. In their effort to give the consumer the lowest price, they ruin local and national vendors by unfair trade practices that result in monopoly control of markets.

It has been shown over and over that, when Walmart comes to town, small local business fail. Do we really want to support this in our community? The business practices of Walmart only exacerbate U.S. economic problems by the utilization of hostile labor practices and buying mostly from overseas sources.

If Walmart arrives if West Linn and Lake Oswego, please join me in expressing concern over local small businesses and employee' welfare by not shopping there. Let us not shop ourselves out of our wonderful local stores and jobs.

Karen Kovalik

Lake Oswego

New location for Oktoberfest

To the Editor:

With this year, the fifth annual West Linn Oktoberfest is set at Lil' Cooperstown. There will be a tent by the restaurant entrance on 13th Street. This detail is stage as not to obstruct any businesses' function in the area nor any street, as the purposes is to have people reach the site and traffic on Willamette Falls Drive open to car traffic (unlike the street dance).

Oktoberfest event-goers will enjoy this free event with Bavarian authentic music (The Oom Pah Boys and the Alpine Echos). These bands travel to Canada and other site locations to perform Oktoberfests as well. Cooperstown will serve the authentic Bavarian food fares and the ambiance of the Alps.

In the past, I staged Oktoberfest at the West Linn Adult (Community) Center. It has grown in success. This new location, Cooperstown, will offer even a better success! Please feel free to contact me for any questions you have.

Alice Richmond

West Linn