Dog owners should read off-leash fine print


Dogs must:

• Stay within the designated off-leash boundaries.

• Stay on leash outside the off-leash area.

• Display tags showing proof of current license and rabies vaccination.

• Demonstrate appropriate social interaction; dogs displaying aggressive behavior toward people or other dogs must be leashed and removed from the area.

Handlers must:

• Pick up after your dog(s).

• Carry your dog's leash while in the off-leash area.

• Closely supervise young children.

• Remain within the off-leash boundaries

• Keep your dog(s) within view and under verbal control.

• Bring no more than three dogs to the off-leash area at any time.

• Accept responsibility for any damage or injury caused by your dog.

• Remove pinch or choke collars when dogs are playing off-leash to prevent injury.

• Not bring a dog in heat to a Portland park.

• Not bring a puppy without a complete cycle of vaccinations to a Portland park.

• Comply with all other park rules and regulations.

All off-leash sites are subject to regular closures for routine maintenance as well as longer term closures for restoration as needed. Off-leash users are expected to adhere to the leash law when the off-leash area is not available.

Source: Portland Parks & Recreation

Ñ Jennifer Anderson