You cant blame a guy for blaming


Notes 'R' Us:

• ESPN Classic was in town filming interviews for a 30-minute program called 'You Can't Blame the Blazers for Drafting Sam Bowie Instead of Michael Jordan.' Later in the same series, the network plans a show called 'You Can't Blame Jerry Krause for Breaking up the Chicago Bulls.' I swear this is true.

• It is untrue, however, that the network has rejected as unworkable the idea of filming another program called 'You Can't Blame the Blazers for Keeping Maurice Cheeks.'

• The two NFL wild-card games Saturday lasted a very long time. Halfway through the telethon, I had convinced myself I ought to try watching 'Alias' on ABC. By the end of the day, though, I was so sick of the promos for it that I vowed never to watch it. Why can't the networks spend a little more money and film some different commercials, rather than show the same one all the time?

• On balance, there are too many voices in NFL broadcasting booths, and they talk too much.

• The Seattle Seahawks keep reminding me of the Trail Blazers of a few years ago. A lot of talent, high payroll, no championship. I don't need to tell you what that means for the Seahawks three seasons from now. Hmm, a bankrupt football stadium?

• Those NFL pre-game studio shows are the biggest waste of television time since 'The Anna Nicole Show.' Grown men having inconsequential arguments with one another is not entertainment. Unless they're wearing boxing gloves.

• Coming soon to a theater near you: It's so frightening you may not sleep well for weeks! You may not ever recover! It's unnerving É it's terrifying É it's É it's É well, it's Mike Shanahan's eyeballs. Scariest things you'll ever want to see. It's as if he's had way too much coffee and has Botoxed his eyebrows into a perpetual state of shock.

• I just can't bring myself to care about Randy Moss, although I am fond of his new hairdo.

• Just because Brett Favre used to be great doesn't mean he still is. Or always is. And it's time for the media to come to grips with it.

He was about four yards over the line of scrimmage at the end of the first half Sunday, then threw a goofy pass into the end zone that cost his team a penalty. It looked like total brain lock Ñ a ridiculously stupid play. Either that or he was frozen at the thought of taking a hit. Any other quarterback does that and everyone takes him apart. But with Favre, they just laughed it off.

• Ideas for new programs on ESPN Classic Ñ 'You Can't Blame the Blazers for Bringing in Shawn Kemp.' Followed by 'You Can't Blame Paul Allen for Declaring Bankruptcy.'

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