Aloha's Sarah Bain and Brianna Bain amass a total of 24 varsity letters
by: Miles Vance READY ANYTIME — Aloha’s Sarah Bain (left) and younger sister Brianna Bain compiled 24 varsity letters during their combined careers with the Warriors.

ALOHA - Things are going to look a little different at Aloha High School next year.

That's because for the first time in six years, there won't be a Bain gracing the varsity courts, fields, track, pool or golf course for the Warriors.

Brianna Bain graduated from Aloha High School back on June 15, ending - for her and her older sister Sarah (a 2009 graduate) - an era of incredible success for the Bain family at Aloha.

Over the course of Brianna and Sarah Bain's high school careers, the sisters earned a total of 24 varsity letters - almost enough for their own alphabet - and did so in seven different sports. Sarah Bain, 20, won four varsity letters in volleyball, four more in swimming, three in track and one in golf. Brianna Bain, 18, matched her sister's success by winning four varsity letters each in water polo, basketball and track.

And now that their high school careers are over - Sarah will be a junior setter on the Dominican University of California volleyball team, while Brianna will be starting her freshman year on the Stanford University women's track team - the Bains are enjoying the chance to look back.

'I really wanted to be on varsity every year, not for the letters, but just to be on the top-most competitive level,' said Sarah Bain, who led her senior season volleyball team all the way to the Class 6A state tournament. 'Then, as it went on, I was like (winning 12 varsity letters) would be the coolest thing.'

'She definitely paved the way for me. She was a good example,' Brianna Bain said of her older sister. 'And I just love Aloha. I never had a bad coach here. Everyone was always so supportive.'

As busy as the Bain sisters were during their Aloha careers, they - amazingly - played even more sports than those in which they won varsity letters. Sarah Bain, who also plays golf at Dominican, was also a competitive ballroom dancer for six years, and for the longest time, was certain that swimming would be her best sport.

'But once I started playing club volleyball,' everything changed, she said. 'Now I seriously love volleyball so much. I look forward to playing it every second of every day. It's so great.'

Brianna Bain, a two-time Metro League champion in the javelin, also did a fair bit of ballroom dancing and didn't decide until late in in her freshman year whether she'd play softball or compete in track in the spring season.

'I knew I was already playing club softball so I figured track would give me more choices,' she said. 'With all the events, I figured I'd be good at something, and I always had a strong arm for softball so I picked it up pretty quick.'

Still, Brianna Bain din't know until her junior year in high school that track would be her sport of choice for college.

'I probably wanted to do basketball because that was what I'd played the longest, and I knew I could do basketball, water polo or softball at a smaller (college),' she said. 'But I realized in my junior that I wanted to go to a big school and that was when I started getting recruited by Stanford.'

Now, the Bains are both turning their attention to the upcoming college season, with Sarah hoping to lead Dominican to greater success in 2011 and Brianna getting ready for her first season of Pac-10 track and field.

'I have high hopes for this year. I've seen the recruits we have coming in and they're amazing,' Sarah Bain said. 'All we were missing from last year were middle blockers and defense and that's what our coach recruited. I think we'll be wonderful.'

For her part, Brianna Bain is thrilled for the opportunity that awaits her at Stanford.

'I'm competing for sure,' she said, noting that her incoming javelin marks already have her ranked in the Pac-10's top three. 'I'm looking forward to competing and meeting the track team. I just love track in general.'

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