Group watches out for PGE customers

Recently, Texas Pacific partner Kelvin Davis questioned the Citizens' Utility Board of Oregon's representation of residential customers (Texas Pacific rips watchdogs, Jan. 14). 'I question if customers' interest is being represented fairly' by CUB and other groups, he said. Without Texas Pacific, 'there is no $43 million rate credit,' he said.

Under Texas Pacific's business plan, Portland General Electric customers would overpay $75 million in state and federal taxes in just the first five years. Texas Pacific would get to keep this, and offers in return a $43 million rate credit that is not even guaranteed.

We will let our members, not Texas Pacific, be the judge of how well we are representing customers. We think we do a pretty good job. During our 20 years we have saved customers more than $3.4 billion.

Davis accused us of working in our own self-interest. In a way we are, because all CUB employees live in Oregon. Texas Pacific is representing its own financial interests, not customers' or employees' interests.

We reaffirm our position: Texas Pacific's proposed purchase of PGE is a bad deal for customers.

Bob Jenks

Executive director, Citizens' Utility Board of Oregon

Southwest Portland

Leave electric utility to the utility pros

As a PGE customer, I ask myself, 'Which operator or situation would be worse?' Then I visualize the governing boards consisting of successful business and professional people or governing boards consisting of career bureaucrats, each with personal and political agendas. I visualize further a governing entity consisting of at least Multnomah County Commission Chairwoman Diane Linn and city Commissioners Dan Saltzman and Erik Sten.

Never mind the many costly management mistakes, the goofy and costly new programs that went nowhere, and the major errors in judgment. The career bureaucrat just continues.

Thank you, I'll take my chances with Texas Pacific.

John Schenk


Most dog owners behave responsibly

The article on the off-leash areas of Mount Tabor is unbalanced and unfair (Off-leash parks vex Mt. Tabor residents, Jan. 4). The story made it sound like dog owners are scoundrels who let their dogs poop everywhere and that people are 'not able to walk in the park anymore,' as one dog critic said. What hogwash.

Ninety percent of dog owners are good citizens, keenly aware that their pets must do no harm. They let their dogs play in the off-leash area by the reservoir, and there are no houses nearby. They pick up the waste from their dogs. Yet do they get any mention? No, only the exaggerating complainers get the headlines.

Jim Miller

Northeast Portland

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