He wore cornrows and fast shoes


Young guy in cornrows, wearing running shoes and hip-hop-style clothes, saunters into Margulis Jewelers on Southwest Broadway. Very politely, he explains to the saleslady that he's interested in learning about jewelry. Perhaps he may even decide to study jewelry in college. É Now who could begrudge such a fine young man, so smooth, polite and well-spoken, the chance to find his place in the world? É The young man and the saleslady ponder the merits of various stones. A rapport is established. É Could she, for example, show him that diamond in the case right over there? É The saleslady unlocks the case and comes back with a 6-carat diamond ring, the biggest one in the whole place, worth in the neighborhood of 100 grand Ñ which, of course, the guy grabs and goes running out the door. É Last week police were canvassing downtown jewelry stores, advising them to be especially suspicious if a young guy in cornrows, running shoes and hip-hop clothes tries to sell them a diamond as big as your front hall closet. You never know, it might be stolen.

* * *

It may have been Inauguration Day in Washington, D.C., but it was protest day in P-town. At about 2 Thursday afternoon, a group of protesters on the park blocks got a mild surprise when a man in his 40s stopped his Volvo station wagon and jumped out to shout: 'Effing hippies!' Now is that any way for a Volvo owner to talk? É Sources say Brooks Brothers, the high-end men's clothier, which has never had a store in P-town, is looking for a good downtown location. A deal for a space at Broadway and Morrison fell through last week when one of the tenants refused to move Ñ but there's bound to be something out there. É Hey, maybe the local economy is picking up after all. É Just one more week now until Mayor Tom Potter takes off on a well-deserved six-day break from rigors of public office to attend a sister-city celebration in Sapporo, Japan. É Well, after all, folks, he has been in office almost a month. É And yes, as the nice lady at the mayor's office is quick to point out, there's a business angle to all this, too. Rogue Ales (which, when last I looked, was based in Newport, not Portland) has a brewpub there. Will you please stop being so picky?

* * *

A message arrives from Frank Gable, imprisoned down in Okaloosa, Fla., that two reporters from the Big O just finished interviewing him and everything went well. The two of them were actually quite nice, he says. É About the only thing they couldn't understand, he says, is how, when the police told him they had a witness who'd seen him running away from the scene where Michael Francke was killed, he blurted out the name Jodie Swearingen. É It's not that difficult. The cops had been showing him pictures of various Salem underworld characters Ñ including Jodie Ñ and when they popped the question, he blurted out her name, figuring she was the one who'd been feeding them the story. É Really, guys, the main thing to remember is that Jodie says the state police forced her to lie Ñ then she recanted before the trial, declaring that Frank just wasn't there. É Like the rest of us, Frank is looking forward with great anticipation to whatever the Big O is up to. And by all means, guys, if there's anything else I can do to help, just give a holler.

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