Gee, when I grow up É I wanna be just like Tommy Harrington (Maverick rocker walks fine line, Jan. 21).

Just look at him. He's so sexy and smart, and he makes such good life choices. I can't wait to become a meth freak, get my girlfriend pregnant, max out all of my credit cards and then buy a minivan that I will probably never be able to pay off.

Oh, yeah, and don't forget his sterling manners. I just love to push other musicians off the stage while they are setting up.

Why, he's the best young musician's role model to come out of Portland since Courtney Love.

Jo Haemer

North Portland

Candor needed about Blazer coach

Congratulations to Dwight Jaynes. I'm 3,200 miles from home, in North Carolina. His discussion on the shortcomings of Mo Cheeks as an NBA coach (Too many coaches? Or not enough? Jan. 4) is refreshing.

If Jaynes ever witnesses Cheeks actively coaching during a game Ñ that'd be more good news.

Kevin Ball

Smithfield, N.C.

Lions should step up to Harrington caliber

Your article 'Lions hang in there with Harrington' was a good read (Jan. 7).

Quarterback Joey Harrington is the best thing that has happened to Detroit, and I hope the city will take a clue and gain the class act that Harrington brings to this great team.

Pam Montelauro

Wyandotte, Mich.

Most dog owners do cleanup duty

As responsible owners who regularly take our dogs, Bleu and Lewis, to the dog parks in our city, we must share another perspective from what I read in 'Off-leash parks vex Mt. Tabor residents' (Jan. 4).

Our experience is that most dog owners are very responsible. We want to enjoy our city parks as other Portland residents do. And our tax dollars support these very same parks.

If the city would do a better job of providing trash cans in the parks, it would make it even easier for dog owners to be responsible. Many of the dog parks do not have available trash cans, and you are left to bag up your pet's waste and take it with you. Yet we frequently see dog owners going out of their way to not only clean up after their own pets, but to pick up doo that may have been overlooked by a previous dog owner.

It is indeed a challenge to keep your eye continually on an active pet to make sure you don't miss an 'opportunity' to clean up after them. But we often observe responsible pet owners doing their best to respect the parks, cleaning up and being responsible, so that we can all enjoy this benefit.

And folks should remember, dog owners are not exclusive members of the group of folks who are not responsible. We see other folks leaving food waste, litter and even a baby diaper (yuck!) in public parks without disposing of them properly.

Tim Liszt and Steve Clark

Southeast Portland

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