'Over the next few weeks, Oregonians will hear quite a bit about Measure 30 and what's at stake in the Feb. 3 special election.

'A yes vote on Measure 30 will enact a three-year surcharge on personal income taxes; will alter a variety of corporate income tax provisions; will restrict elderly medical expense deductions based upon age and a person's income; and will extend a 10-cents-per-pack cigarette tax through 2005.

'A no vote will retain Oregon's existing personal and corporate tax systems and will initiate an estimated $544 million in state budget cuts to programs such as K-12 and college education, health care, justice services such as state police, the courts and prisons, and funding to counties for social and mental health service programs.

'But while you can listen to and even participate in the debate over Measure 30, you can't help decide the matter unless you are registered to vote.

'And that's a pretty easy thing to do.

'To be able to vote in the Feb. 3 election, you have to be registered to vote by Jan. 20. Residents can get registration information and applications at just about any local library or city hall, U.S. Post Office branches or any office of the state Department of Motor Vehicles.

'Confused? Call the county elections office, 503-846-5800, for assistance.'

Ñ From a Dec. 31 editorial

published in the Beaverton Valley Times

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