From a Jan. 9 presentation at the Portland City Club titled 'Keeping Oregon's Promise':

'I think it's still important for us to figure out what it is we want state government to do. É We educate, we medicate, and we incarcerate."

Ñ Sen. Kate Brown, D-Southeast Portland

'The discussion of (public) services has always hinged on cost, and there may never be an agreement over how much is needed or whether the funds should be expended in the first place. É We have to remember to hit the 'refresh' button because things change a lot, and time moves on. '

Ñ Mike Burton, former Metro executive and state legislator

'I've got a list as long as your snow shovel, if you actually have one.'

Ñ Brown, when asked to give examples of how the 2003 Legislature made state government leaner and more efficient

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