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The 'Leave No Child Behind' federal law is a flawed piece of legislation that is long on expectations but short on resources.

A recently discovered weakness of the law is determining a school's worth by tabulating the number of students it expels. Sadly, some of Oregon's schools were determined to be in trouble because they exceeded the government's magic number of acceptable expulsions. A Portland alternative high school, Vocational Village, has made the law's list of 'persistently dangerous' schools.

Imagine the frustration the administrators of those schools must feel. All they did was remove from the school population those students who violated the most serious school standards. It must hurt to be admonished for doing your job, usually a job worthy of commendation.

The expulsion standard set forth by Congress is ridiculous. Allowing this standard to determine a school's worth is like declaring a city to be too dangerous because the police make too many arrests. The feds are implying that schools should look the other way and allow their schools to be run by disruptive, unruly students who deprive serious students of receiving an education in an environment free of distraction and fear.

I take my hat off to the administrators of those schools. They did their job, did what they felt was justified. I'd like to teach in a building where the administration respected my right to provide a learning environment free of unnecessary disruptive interference. When students prove they don't belong, they need to be removed so that they can direct their complete attention toward a serious attitude adjustment.

Gary L. Hollen

Oregon City

Clackamas County has

a powerful opportunity

In May, Clackamas County residents will have the chance to vote for a people's utility district in their county.

This is a great opportunity for all who struggle to manage the current power rates, because the PUD is ratepayer-owned and -controlled by a five-member board, which is ratepayer-elected. The whole purpose of its being is to bring about lower electric rates. This can be done as there will be no shareholders or CEOs. All current employees will retain their jobs if the PUD is approved.

As an example, Canby has a PUD and pays 28 percent less than what PGE charges.

I think this will give us the fairness and integrity that was lacking with PGE/Enron, and it is the only option I can see for the future of PGE and to protect the ratepayers from future fraud and ruin.

If you wish to become a PUD volunteer, our Web site is as follows: Welcome aboard!

Pat Shannon


Effort during storm

deserves a mention

The article titled 'Riders in the storm' (Jan. 9) was outstanding. It's good to note that the 'little' people are noticed for the effort and contributions that they provide on a daily basis.

Mike Metoxen

Springfield, Va.

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