An open letter to City Council: We are residents of the Uptown area and are appalled that the Uptown Tower is even being considered in our historic district. Any new building should fit with the character of the buildings in the area to preserve the ambience and quality of life. It would be a shame for short-term profit motives to destroy what has taken almost a century to build.

Growth and development ordinances can make or break a community. We view Portland, and especially our dear Uptown neighborhood, as unique, beautiful and worth preserving. If anything, less development Ñ or at least architecturally congruent development Ñ would enhance the value of this area. The tower will ruin this area and negatively impact the quality of life of our residents (your constituents and our neighbors).

Preserving the unique qualities of our community by decreasing the impact of cars and development will allow this area to become the jewel of Portland. This is one of the last few 'villages' where neighbors know one another, take care of one another and interact with one another as we share a mutual appreciation of our shared history. Please don't go down in history as the City Council that sold out Portland's cultural history.

Kerri E. Marshall

Andrew Muray

Northwest Portland

Don't reward

immigration scofflaws

President Bush's plans to grant legal status to millions of illegal immigrants has gained the endorsement of Mexico's President Vicente Fox. The president hopes this will gain him the grateful vote of millions of Hispanic immigrants in November.

Here are some reasons the United States should not reward these lawbreakers:

The U.S. Census Bureau predicts that our population will reach 404 million by 2050. That population will be comprised of 236 million residents or their offspring who already were here in 1970 when the U.S. immigration laws were reduced. Growth from the post-1970 immigrants and descendants will total 168 million. The greatest number of these will be Hispanic.

Since overpopulation already is a global problem, citizens should realize what is happening to this country. Sure, we are a nation of immigrants, but indications are that we have reached our limit. Traffic gridlock, unemployment, homelessness, poverty, environmental degradation, pollution, school overcrowding, crime, infrastructure obsolescence, urban sprawl, small business and farm closures, soil depletion, rising cost of nonrenewable energy resources, and a myriad of other challenges are the result of overpopulation.

It is time that we stop holding the door open for every one of the world's dissatisfied citizens. It is time for us to take away the welcome mat and allow Third World countries to solve their own problems Ñ many of which now plague us. It is patriotic, not racist, to do these things. The sovereignty of our nation is at stake.

We can protect ourselves by becoming aware. Visit the Web sites for the Federation for Immigration Reform,, NumbersUSA,, or Oregonians for Immigration Reform o4irVal

Don Hickerson


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