I want to express my disappointment with Promise King's Feb. 3 column (Gloves come off in city races). His misrepresentations of my campaign deny the citizens of Portland a true and informed choice during this critical election for mayor of the city.

It is my intention to raise citizens' expectations above the petty divisiveness so commonplace in today's political discourse, and to advance and implement the concept of 'A City of Excellence' in governing our great city.

King is distracting voters from the real issues in the campaign: economic opportunity, health care, education Ñ and above all else, accountability. Citizens blinded by King's distortions might miss our mission: to return control of City Hall back to the people of Portland.

All of us who have been disillusioned by political rhetoric should understand that the Posey campaign is not about pushing any group of people down Ñ it's about raising people up, especially those without a voice. We cannot be a City of Excellence unless all our voices are heard.

Those of us who follow in the path of Martin Luther King Jr. know that he was killed because his ideas transcended race and selfish ambition. Our campaign is about transcending ideas that divide us, that we might form a more perfect union.

James Posey

Northeast Portland

Candidate's approach

to his race is telling

I need to register my disgust at Republican congressional candidate Tim Phillips' political effort to discredit rival candidate Goli Ameri by ridiculing a position on border processing that she took in 1998 (Fireworks start early in the first district, Jan. 20).

To be outraged at the apparent indiscriminate ostracization of any group of people for simply coming to the United States was appropriate in 1998. Since 9-11, however, everyone has changed their focus about border crossings. In my mind, Phillips' highlighting of a past event such as this is a sample of how he will continue to act if he is elected. Neither the United States nor the Republican Party needs to be associated with such divisive election maneuvers.

There is more than enough to occupy our time and attention if we focus on the many real issues facing the United States, Oregon and Portland. Personal slandering in the open media is not a solution to any of them.

Deborah Martin

Southwest Portland

Fishing families are

becoming extinct

I read with no surprise 'Partnerships benefit fishing industry' (Readers' Letters, Jan. 23), the response from the Pacific Seafood Group to Ben Jacklet's recent article (Seafood titan flexes muscle, Jan. 2).

Oregon's fishing families are at risk. The reality is evidenced by the number of fishing families opting to leave the industry through the recent vessel buyback program. For many, the decision to leave the industry was extremely difficult and painful.

That decision was not made in a vacuum. It was a decision driven by more than falling fish quotas and reduced fishing opportunities. As the Pacific Seafood Group has grown and prospered, many families have watched their fishing businesses become marginalized and the value of their life's work diminished.

Those collective decisions to leave the industry speak volumes about how those families envisioned their future with their business 'partner.'

Dave Duncan


Story too quick

to divide the sides

I'd like to call you on a divisively written article about Dick -Cheney's visit to Portland, which became known as 'Little Beirut' following protests when the first President Bush visited ('Little Beirut' fades as city gets crafty, Jan 16).

Your reporters consistently made references to Republicans attending Cheney's dinner as if the world were made up of Republicans and non-Republicans. I quote: 'Few Republicans saw protesters, and few of them saw any Republicans.'

So what makes you think that there were no Republicans out there protesting Cheney's policies, or the fact that people are jobless and hungry nearby while Cheney is collecting $10,000 from people who want their photo taken with him?

The slanted 'us-and-them' reporting was strictly 'Bush-league.'

Frank DiMarco

Southeast Portland

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