Excerpts from Metro Council President David Bragdon's state of the region speech, 'Beyond 19th Century Government,' delivered to the City Club of Portland on Feb. 13.

'All too often those of us in the public sector confuse the menu with the meal.'

'Land-use planning in Oregon needs to change. É Those of us in government need to maybe put aside the zoning crayons and pick up some of the tools of the marketplace.'

'I always find it very ironic when the critics of smart growth claim that building sidewalks or encouraging lofts above stores is some type of government-controlled social engineering, whereas paving an eight-lane highway through somebody's house is somehow the invisible hand of Adam Smith and it's a mythical free market that did that.'

'Regional planning no longer needs to be driven by fear of what we don't want Ñ sprawl Ñ but can also be driven by the things that we do want Ñ great urban and suburban places, the types of places that Jane Jacobs (author of 'The Death and Life of Great American Cities') describes as socially vital and economically prosperous É the attainment of a lively city-region, not merely the containment of it. É If the first 30 years (of Metro) were about planning, the next 30 need to be about investment: private and public.'

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